Summer Coding Camps for kids

Looking for week-long coding action?  Look no further than our camps!  We're getting our summer camps ready as we speak, often with some awesome early-bird discounts.

All our camps are held at our sweet coding facilities and leverage goodies from our year-round programs to create a uniquely collaborative environment where the kids work together, code together, and have a rockin' fun summer together!

  • All camps are 9am-3pm at one of our Coder School locations
  • Be sure to check skill and age requirements for your location, as different topics are taught at different levels.
  • All kids should bring their own water bottle and lunch daily,  as generally they will be escorted to a nearby park for lunch
  • Depending on location, kids *may* be able to bring lunch money for an escorted walk to a nearby lunch spot
  • We may provide pre/post care - please check with your specific location.

Ready to find your nearest code camp?  Click away below!

Bay Area Coding Camps

Camps in Other Locations