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Helllllllooooo East Bay!  We're super excited to be the first Coder School to open in the east bay, and in the heart of awesome-land, Pleasanton!  With awesome companies like Oracle and Workday nearby and technology galore all around us, we know Pleasanton is itching to get some coding in.   At theCoderSchool, we want to do more than just teach coding.  We want to use learning to code as a stepping stone to learning to think like a coder. Coding uses skills like thinking logically, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks, and working with others towards an end goal.  Our physical space and our programs are both designed to help kids learn these skills and more - skills that are valuable in any future career.  Opening is marked for this Fall, so make sure to get on our email list to be able to get awesome opening day specials!!!!!

theCoderSchool Pleasanton
6754 Bernal Avenue, Suite 750
In Pleasanton Gateway

Opening Soon!

Hi! My name is Will Tungpagasit and I'm the General Manager/Co-Owner of theCoderSchool Pleasanton. I took my first programming class with my dad at community college when I was just 14. I can tell you first-hand how knowing how to code has put me ahead of my peers throughout my education and career. I love working with kids and am truly grateful for the opportunity to inspire and teach the next generation of innovators!

I studied Computer Engineering at CalPoly, SLO. I've been an analyst at Deloitte Consulting, 2nd engineer/1st product manager at TaskRabbit (Silicon Valley startup with $30M+ in VC funding), and founder of several consumer web/app startups in San Francisco.

Got questions about the school? Email me at