3D Game Master

An Advanced Programming Summer Camp
Ages:11+ Topic: 3D Game Development Instructor Ratio: Max 7:1
Skill Level: Int/Adv Prerequisites: Strong Coder & Win/Mac Laptop Platform(s): Unity Game Engine

Camp Description

This advanced coder camp is all about making 3D games.  Campers will not only create a real functioning game from scratch, they'll practice the fundamental coding concepts required in any language, learn how to think logically, and have fun while doing it.  Using the Unity 3D game engine, campers will code cool playable games using C# or Javascript with guidance from our seasoned Code Coaches, and have a sweet Friday afternoon demo for parents to see!  Because campers must bring their own laptops, they can access their development environment at any time during or after camp to show off what they've done, and even keep adding to their game!

Teaching Platform

Unity is an immensely popular and powerful 3D game engine that uses Javascript or C# syntax. Pokemon Go was built using this platform! Since this is an advanced platform, it is HIGHLY recommended each coder brings in their own laptop to set up their development environment properly and enable them to continue playing with their work at home! They are going to want to!

Concepts Learned

What will campers learn?  Lots of cool stuff!  Our camps focus on coding apps from scratch.  We're not just relying on a platform to change parameters in a game, we're actually doing sequential coding through logical steps.  Campers will gain general skills like problem solving, teamwork, code debugging, and perhaps most importantly, all campers will learn and practice the logical thinking skills required to program a computer at any level!  In addition campers will gain and practice important coding concepts that may include:

  • Manipulating vectors/3d coordinates (positions, rotations, forces)

  • Basic physics forces (Adding torque and force)

  • Getting user input

  • Game/level design

  • Collision detection

  • Interactive game world (Moving platforms and elevators)

  • Simple user interface elements

  • and More!

Skill Level

Our 3D Game Master camp is our most advanced camp.  Campers should be good coders already, with good understanding of fundamental coding concepts.  Coders must be good typists, and have a basic amount of experience with typed-languages like Python, Javascript, or the equivalent. Must bring in their personal laptop (exceptions can be made but please email us right after you sign up).