Introducing codeClass @School

The @School program is designed to spread coding to kids at their schools while providing the convenience of an easy location for the parents.  Hop out of class, grab a quick after school snack, and swing right over for some fun coding lessons!

Our codeClass @School program closely mimics the curriculum of our own onsite codeClass and is taught by one of our trained instructors at your school.  The weekly hour-long classes will help expose kids to the logic of coding through a graphical language called "Snap".  By the end of their classes, kids will understand how to build several different games from scratch.

Just like our onsite codeClasses, our @School codeClasses are designed for beginner coders.  Those ready to move on to more difficult material or complex languages are invited to come to our onsite location to check out our App Team and Code Coaching programs.  Questions?  Interested in a program at your school? Email our program director at

Our @School program is currently available at the below locations for registration via our website. It's also available at St. Simon's Elementary in Cupertino where registration is done directly through the school.

REMINDER: The curriculum is for one full school year and then will repeat. If your child took it last year, you shouldn't sign up again. Instead, you should visit one of our locations for a FREE trial of our Code Coaching program.

Cipriani Elementary Fox Elementary
Semester 1Semester 1
Dates: Sept. 16th - Jan. 20thDates: Sept. 14th - Jan. 18th
No Class: 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/23, 12/30, 1/7No Class: 11/16, 11/23, 12/21, 12/28, 1/4
Semester 2Semester 2
Dates: Feb. 10th - Jun. 2ndDates: Feb. 8th - May 31st
No Class: 2/24, 3/17, 4/14
Minimum day (Class will run 12:30-1:30): 5/26
No Class: 2/22, 3/15, 4/12
Location: Room 9Location: Room 11
Time: Fridays at 3:15pm - 4:15pmTime 1: Wednesdays at 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Time 2: Wednesdays at 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Cost: $350 per semester Cost: $350 per semester
(Auto-enrolled/charged for 2nd semester unless cancelled)(Auto-enrolled/charged for 2nd semester unless cancelled)
In Progress! Time 1: In Progress!
Time 2: In Progress!