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Helllllllooooo Bellevue!  We're super excited to be bringing Silicon Valley's #1 kids coding program to the Seattle area!  With all the high tech around us from Amazon to Microsoft and all the awesome startups in between, we know Bellevue is itching to get some coding in. At theCoderSchool, we want to do more than just teach coding.  We want to use learning to code as a stepping stone to thinking like a coder. Our physical space and our programs are both designed to help kids learn these skills and more - skills that are valuable in any future career.   Contact us now to get a free trial lesson!
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Our Programs

Our bread and butter is our weekly after-school programs, run throughout the year. Coding takes practice, and we believe getting kids to code consistently throughout the year is the only way they'll really learn to code! Check out our programs below, and be sure to check with us for more details!

Code Coaching®

Our core program teaches kids in a customized and engaging way, with a super-small 2:1 instructor ratio.

App Team

Our premium program combines Code Coaching with group sessions, and a presentation at our Coder Fairs.

Code Class

We also offer traditional larger ratio classes where students build various games using our fun curriculum.

Coding Camps

During the summer and other breaks, we offer weekly camps with a different theme for different ages.
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Contact Us

theCoderSchool 1101 106th Ave NE, Ste. #15
Bellevue, WA 98004


Hours of Operation
4-8pm Wed-Thu
9-2pm Sat

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Meet the General Manager

Hi there! My name is Kelsey and I’m the General Manager for theCoderSchool Bellevue. I’m so happy to be working with theCoderSchool to get kids interested in coding and computer science! It's always good to learn to think in new ways, and coding does just that! Plus, it's super exciting to teach kids coding, a skill that is rapidly becoming an advantage in this world.

I can tell you firsthand that coding is extremely handy no matter your interests. While attending Johns Hopkins University for Cognitive Science and Psychology, I used coding all the time to complete class assignments and run statistical analyses for my research. I also worked in HTML to design online graduate-level courses.  

When you come by our school, you’ll probably find Elma or Marianne, our Coding Coordinators, who run the front desk. They'd love to answer questions about our programs, rearrange your schedule, or just chat about nothing in particular. Come on in and find out!  Have any more questions? Feel free to contact me at!

Don't Forget About the Owner!

Hi, my name is Taylor (I also go by my Chinese name Te, pronounced "Tay") and I'm the owner at theCoderSchool Bellevue.  I keep telling my daughter (in photo) how lucky she is to be a kid growing up with all this technology around her.  That's why I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be part of theCoderSchool to introduce technology to kids in a way that's fun, but also teach them problem solving skills that will benefit them no matter what they choose to do later in life.  With the right exposure, the possibilities are endless for kids to create just about anything they can dream of!

My background now is speech recognition, connected cars and using technology to solve everyday problems.  I've been lucky to have worked at Microsoft, Google and smaller companies like VoiceBox here in Bellevue, and now Vinli, a connected car company.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about our school, shoot me an email at

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