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Hello East Bay!  We are so excited to be bringing a Coder School to Berkeley! With UC Berkeley, the best public university in the country down the street, Pixar, the leader in animation innovation around the corner and Oakland, the latest stop in the Bay Area tech boom just minutes away, Berkeley is where the next generation of artists, thinkers, inventors and coders are all gathering.  

At theCoderSchool, we want to do more than just teach coding. We want aspiring coders to use their new found passion as a stepping stone to thinking outside the box, as a way to channel their ideas in a creative way and most importantly, to have fun.  Interested?  Fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly to tell you more!

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Our Programs

Code Coaching®

Customized learning with a 2:1 instructor ratio

App Team

Social group sessions and a quarterly presentation at our Coder Fair

Code Class

Traditional class setting to get your feet wet slowly

Summer Camp

Coding fun for the summer for some great exposure to technology
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Our School

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Hours of Operation
3-7pm Tue-Thu
10-2pm Sat

Meet the General Manager

My name is Michael Scribner and I'm the general manager/co-owner of theCoderSchool Berkeley. My first experience with a computer was in junior high (before it was called middle school!!) with an Apple IIe and little did I realize where that was going to lead. From school to career, technology has always been important, but never more so than today, especially for kids. I’m excited to be able to help kids develop a passion for learning how to utilize today's technology for the future. I received my BA in English from Cal, worked in HR for 13 years, ran a Color Me Mine for 2 years, and helped run after school programs and school fundraisers, not to mention countless hours of volunteering at our kids’ many schools.  You can always reach me at any time at

Our Co-Owner

I remember my parents giving me my first Apple IIe computer when I was 10, learning BASIC from my dad, and hating to see the words ‘syntax error’ appear on my screen. Today, I’m learning to code alongside my three kids and trying not to let them get too far ahead of me in technology. I graduated from Cal (Go Bears!) with a PhD in educational psychology and have worked for over 15 years as a school psychologist and educational consultant. As a founding family member of Yu Ming Charter School and an adjunct professor at the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute (BATTI), I teach and mentor teachers throughout the Bay Area. I’m passionate about understanding children and how to best support their social-emotional and learning needs, and I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to bring coding and technology to ALL families and children in a setting that’s both educational and fun!