Can Coding Be a Hobby?

10 years old boy at coding class. Boy is sitting by the desk and using laptop, coding and taking notes. He is focus on his work. Kids in background sitting and coding.

    You’ve probably heard about how important coding will be in the future, how industries are implementing more technology into their operations to save money and create better products or services. Parents know the importance of learning coding, with 58% of them feeling that coding and programming is the most beneficial skill to their… Continue reading Can Coding Be a Hobby?

3 Things You Should Know About Coding

Developing programming and coding technologies. Website design. Cyber space concept.

Coding is growing more popular in schools, with classes offering small glimpses into the world of computer languages to teach more kids about technology. Maybe you’ve heard about coding, but still don’t know too much about what it does or takes to be good at. If you’ve thought about learning to code but want to… Continue reading 3 Things You Should Know About Coding

Patience: A Coder’s Best Friend

Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management and countdown to deadline

There was a time when if you wanted to watch a movie, you had to go to the video store and rent it; if they were all out of tapes, you didn’t get to watch it. You’d have to wait, days, sometimes weeks just to see that movie – which begs the question… Could you… Continue reading Patience: A Coder’s Best Friend

5 Reasons to Choose a Career That Allows You to Work Remotely

Shot of an unrecognizable woman working from home

Learning to code has an array of incredible benefits – from teaching soft skills for everyday use to cultivating a hobby that keeps you challenged and entertained. Coding trains the brain, inspires patience and opens extensive career opportunities. Regarding the latter point, understanding how to code can also clear the path toward coveted remote job… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Choose a Career That Allows You to Work Remotely

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