Coding is everything in the 21st century. From the Instagram app on your phone to the intricacies of your work laptop, it all uses a string of code. Numbers and letters all piled into a specific order can run an entire interface of computers. It is a wild thought. But knowing coding can prove to be a career unlike any other. There are jobs popping up at every new company for coders. There is a need for them in nearly every field from medicine to gaming. If you have the skills to be a coder, these careers are surely right up your alley.

Software/Web Developer

This is probably the field with the vastest array of jobs for coders. You can make anywhere from $50,000 a year to north of $100,000 to create software for companies.


Knowing coding is not the easiest thing. So engineering new computers can be for you. With a little extra training, your skills could go a long way.

Database Administrators

Database administrator tend to a large set of information on many different levels. If you can analyze an issue and be a fast problem solver while still using your coding ability, this job is for you.

Computer Analyst

Analysts of computer systems usually merge the gap between the business side of a company and the IT side of the company so that people can understand it. Breaking down the coding from IT and transforming into something a business man understands.

Software Quality Engineer

This is an important job at technology based companies. Someone has to assure that everything is running smoothly. Continuing the effort of the software developer you tend to that software and make it the best it can be.

Business Intelligence

This can be military based or company based. The business intelligence analyst would dissect all the inner workings of the company’s technology and grab information that can help the technology move forward.

Computer Programming

This is the most obvious for a skilled coder. Someone has to do the dirty work and create the programs behind the technology. If you are creative and intelligent, this field may be for you.

Networking Administrator

Coding is loosely needed in this field, but will always help. Networking is huge in today’s online world. Knowing the way around the web and its inner workings can give you the upper hand.

No matter what field you choose, coding is a huge need in our world. Use it to your advantage, and lock up a career that pays well, and keeps you doing what you enjoy.

Computers, coding, and how the internet works can seem like confusing concepts for many people. There is much to learn about the roles each person has in creating code — but what a front rnd developer does is a good place to start. We sometimes think of the internet as this overwhelmingly complicated place, but it can be simplified. With a basis of knowledge, it is possible to understand what is going on behind the scenes every time you go online.

Now, in the simplest terms, a front end developer deals with the beginning of a person’s experience on a browser. For example, say you open up Google Chrome on your laptop, everything visually that you can see is made by a front end developer. The Google logo, the tabs for image search, the coding that delivers you through the internet to a different website, etc.; this is all the handy work of the front end. They are responsible for the look and feel of every site you click on. The main task of a front end developer is to create interaction and a user experience that will keep them intrigued. Most browsers or individual sites are not boring. This is on purpose. It catches the users’ senses. Don’t get confused though, a web designer is the person that orchestrates how a website looks to our eye. However, without the front end coding, there would be no website. From the top; a front end developer creates coding that enables the website designer to create a beautiful, but usable site.

Some companies are now beginning to use “responsive” front end developers. So, the original use for the developer was fixed, meaning that the site would get developed and that was all the user would ever see. But in today’s world, people want more. Companies began tailoring browsers to the users. By adding extra coding, the user can adapt their own way of using it, making it easier for them to understand. The developer wants to create a website where there is a mix of functionality and speed. It should be easy to use for anyone but also fast so that the user experience is as pleasurable as possible.

The job of a front end developer is not an easy one. Since they are coding, the developer has to be extremely tech savvy. But they can’t only be good technically, as the developer has to be creative as well. They are helping the web designer create a website that keeps users coming back time and time again.

Staying motivated can be hard, especially for someone living a multitask life between school, sports, work, volunteering, or any other resume-builder. The truth is, life sort of requires you to live chaotically if you want to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s understandable that there are days when all you really want to do is lay in bed with a family size bag of chips and binge watch something that isn’t even good; everyone’s been there. The problem starts when you can’t pull yourself out of that comfortable spot and get everything you need done. When projects fall behind, so does your mental and physical health.

So, how does one stay motivated?

Write yourself inspirational messages on colorful sticky notes, and place them around the areas that you visit every day — your refrigerator in your kitchen, your bathroom mirror, on the wall above your bed, on doors, etc. The colors will draw your attention, and the notes themselves will give you the right boost for the right moments.

Meditation is also a good way to gather your thoughts after a lazy day, or even when you’re just not feeling up to doing what needs done that day.

It might sound cheesy, but meditation will help you organize your mind and realize what emotions might be tying you to your bed. The mind is a wondrous thing, and taking a second to just get lost in it, alone in a quiet room, is one of the healthiest things you can do when you’re not motivated to work or read or write.

Create a playlist that amps you up!

Are there songs that really speak to you, or get your blood flowing? Then those should be in that playlist. Don’t pick songs that are too emotional or slow — you need your brain to tell you to get up and go. Music has a crazy way of effecting people, so give it a try! You might be surprised.

Be open about how you’re feeling with one or two people.

Lack of motivation is often times associated with other feelings, like not wanting to write a paper because, deep down, you have no confidence in your chosen topic, or not wanting to clean your room because you know you’re going to find things in there that will make you nostalgic — stuff like that. Getting deep into the root of the no motivation crisis will help change a lot of attitudes towards certain tasks; it’s usually not just “being lazy”, but rather feeling some type of way about something related to the task that keeps you from being your best, motivated you.