What Do You Learn in Robotics?

What Do You Learn in Robotics? Artificial intelligence is the stuff sci-fi movies, video games, and comic books are made of, and most kids are crazy for them. At theCoderSchool, we help kids learn how to make their own robot come to life by learning how to code. Even kids without previous programming experience can… Continue reading What Do You Learn in Robotics?

How a Coding Background Offers Work/Life Success

Imagine a skill that would make you more marketable as a job candidate and increase your earnings potential. Now envision that you can start learning this skill at any age and at any time. Of course, we are referring to coding. Having a background in coding will open doors to dream careers with outstanding future… Continue reading How a Coding Background Offers Work/Life Success

What Exactly is Coding?

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script on silhouette of

We’ve discussed the endless possibilities that arise from learning to code, and how fun it is to learn.  You’ve probably seen the power of coding every day on the internet, in the video games you play, and in the technology segments that play during the news, but maybe you’re still not quite clear of one… Continue reading What Exactly is Coding?

Is Coding Fun?

Close-up of female freelancer's hands typing on keyboard and working on laptop from home office

If you hear a statistic like “58% of parents feel that coding and programming is the most beneficial skill to their child’s future,” you’d assume coding is boring. Let’s be honest, anytime we’re told something is “beneficial” to our future we think of work or something we must do. Coding is one of the few… Continue reading Is Coding Fun?

Can Coding Make You Smarter?

Light bulb with brain inside the hands of the businessman. The concept of the business idea.

    Popular media has given audiences the perception that coders are mega geniuses, sitting in a basement, locked away from the rest of the world as they type away furiously in a stained t-shirt. For the most case, this isn’t true… In all reality, computer programmers and the other people who use coding on… Continue reading Can Coding Make You Smarter?

Patience: A Coder’s Best Friend

Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management and countdown to deadline

There was a time when if you wanted to watch a movie, you had to go to the video store and rent it; if they were all out of tapes, you didn’t get to watch it. You’d have to wait, days, sometimes weeks just to see that movie – which begs the question… Could you… Continue reading Patience: A Coder’s Best Friend