Summer Coding Camps for kids

Looking for week-long coding action?  Look no further than our camps!  We're getting our summer camps ready as we speak, often with some awesome early-bird discounts.

General Camp Info

All our camps are held at our sweet coding facilities and leverage goodies from our year-round programs to create a uniquely collaborative environment where the kids work together, code together, and have a rockin' fun summer together!

  • All camps are 9am-3pm at one of our Coder School locations
  • All camps end with a demo of campers' creations to parents on Friday
  • Be sure to check skill and age requirements for your location, as different topics are taught at different levels.
  • All kids should bring their own water bottle and lunch daily,  as generally they will be escorted to a nearby park for lunch
  • Depending on location, kids *may* be able to bring lunch money for an escorted walk to a nearby lunch spot
  • We may provide pre/post care - please check with your specific location.

How We Teach

Our camps are staffed with our regular year-round Code Coaches® who have lots of experience teaching kids throughout the year.  Because of our low coach-to-kid ratio of about 7:1, each camper will have the attention and focus they need to learn to code, understand the fundamentals, and get through any bugs or issues.  We also recognize that summer camp is a time for fun!  So while we'll do lots of on-computer learning, we'll also take plenty of breaks, get some physical motion by heading outside frequently (weather permitting), and even do some cool offline coding exercises!

Camp Listing

Want some specific details on our camps?  Lots more reading for you on our Camp Listing page, or just head to a location below to see what camps are offered!

Ready to find your nearest code camp?  Click away below!

Bay Area Coding Camps

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