Our Philosophy – Code Coaching®

Q: Why learn to code?

A: Learning to code is not just for those who want to become software programmers as a career. Learning to code teaches kids fundamental problem solving skills. We teach them to think like a coder, which is more about the logic skills rather than simply mastering the syntax of a particular language. The logical thinking skills and exposure to tech will get them better equipped and prepared for any career whether they become a doctor, lawyer, plumber, teacher, or any other career.

Q: What age should a child start learning to code?

A: We recommend age 7 or 8. In general, you want them to have developed a basic ability for logic and be able to navigate a computer. For children younger than this, it’s still good to give them exposure, but you can do this at home for free (try apps like KodableScratch Jr., or Hopscotch!).

Q: What happens in a Code Coaching session?

A: Every Code Coaching session is different and customized to the interests and coding level of your child. The coaches get to know your child and help them figure out a fun and engaging project to work on.  Coaches are free to choose projects or curriculum from our Coder Toolset, or even create their own with the student. Each week is fluid, they may continue to build their application and start a new one when it’s completed.  They may have a Tech Talk about Internet Safety or Net Neutrality.  They may use a more fixed curriculum to brush up on specific skills.  The end goal is a dynamic experience that centers around creating custom projects or apps. Often, a few minutes before the end of the session the Code Coach® will wrap up and review what was accomplished and assign optional homework.

Q: How do I know what happened in a session?

A: At the end of select sessions, our Code Coaches® will send home notes via email to summarize the session. You are also welcome to discuss how your child is doing with the Code Coach® either before or after your child’s lessons.

Q: Am I allowed to sit in with my child during the lesson?

A: The general rule of thumb is we ask parents to drop off their kids because it affects how the kids learn and behave during their lessons when their parents are around. We want them to feel that this is their “club house”, a cool place to learn to code and have fun while doing it.

Q: How do I choose between one hour per week and two hours per week?

A: It’s really up to your child’s interest level and availability. If your child is engaged and really into coding, then two hours a week can be beneficial in that there’s more momentum each lesson with less to remember from the last lesson.

Q: Why the 2:1 ratio?

A: Our 2:1 semi-private Code Coaching program is our core and most popular program. It’s beneficial because it gives each student about the same individual attention that a private lesson would. This is because of the amount of time the students need to be heads down coding. In addition, it adds a collaborative angle to the lesson where there’s another peer working on another project of a similar level to share and bounce ideas off of.

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