Management Training Videos

Need to brush up on a topic or two?  You got it! All videos use our standard password (same as this page’s password).  As usual, please do not share.

Topic Presenter Description Link
Coder Reviews Wayne Teng Make sure you’re aware of our Coder Review process and how that translates and interrelates with progression. Learn how it utilizes our code ladder within our coder toolset. Launch your coder reviews at Coder Review to help ensure the parents understand how their child is progressing. Video
Marketing Brown Bag All Locations Learn lots of amazing Fall marketing tips from all coderschool locations around the country. Listen to a roundtable discussion where each location shares their best marketing tips. Video
Trials Wayne Teng Check out our brown bag meeting on how to close trials, with input from managers around the country. Video
Pike13 Wayne Teng Learn about all the basic Pike13 use cases which you’ll need to run your location. Client and Staff account creation. Purchasing a plan, scheduling a student, and so much more. Video
Summer Camps (general) Wayne Teng Prepare for your Summer Camps with this training session. We cover the goals, prep, responsibilities and even dive into the 4 core camp types (Drag n’ Drop, Python Intro., Pi, and WebRox). Video
Summer Camps (running) Mike Scribner Learn how to handle the Summer Camp Season from the owner/general manager perspective with this brown bag knowledge share. We discuss many tips and best practices on how to successfully navigate and get through the chaos, I mean camps, during the summer. Video
Lead Management Mark Freedkin Irvine’s GM Mark shares his secrets and best tips for how to manage and connect with your leads. Be a bulldog! Video