Welcome to theCoderSchool, a coding school with year-round programs located in Palo Alto, San Mateo, Cupertino, and more Bay Area and nationwide locations to come soon.  Founded by the owner of School of Rock Palo Alto, theCoderSchool uses a similar premise of combining collaboration and immersion with direct instruction by our Code Coaches™ to get your kids learning to code and rockin' their inner hacker in no time!  theCoderSchool is also a founding member of the International Alliance of Youth Coding Educators.

“You’ve created something that has literally changed [his] life. He feels so confident here.” - Coder School Parent

9 out of 10 of the top paying college majors are in the engineering field - Georgetown Study

"Why Coding is Your Child's Key to Unlocking the Future" - Wall Street Journal

“I learned more in that half hour trial than I learned in four days at [another] coding camp!” - Coder School Student

theCoderSchool is proud to be a participant in this year's IAYCE International Year of Code App Gallery.  Our kids have been tasked with creating cool apps that represent their country that will be showcased in a world-wide app gallery.  Wanna join the fun and show off what you can do alongside kids from around the world?  Ask your school's general manager about it today!

Our Programs


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Why We're Different

At theCoderSchool, we want to do more than just teach coding.  We want to use learning to code as a stepping stone to learning to think like a coder. Coding uses skills like thinking logically, breaking complex problems into manageable chunks, and working on a team towards an end goal.  Our physical space and our programs are both designed to help kids learn these skills and more - skills that are valuable in any future career.

We're proud to join the fast-growing group of folks who are jumping in to teach kids how to code, and we know there's lots of great options out there. We've listed a few, including how we compare, to get you a head start on finding the best option for you.

Learning Style Why Learn This Way How theCoderSchool Differs
Online Courses Ideal for self-driven learners who want to follow a structured curriculum. Super scalable, low cost, anyone anywhere can learn to code online. Our Code Coaches™ are able to customize the curriculum taught to each student, and help provide that in-person excitement factor.
In Home or Online/Virtual Tutors Great for busy parents who like their tutors to come to their home, physically or digitally. In-person tutors provide the flexibility of a private tutoring session. Our location allows us to get kids working together to code apps and learn teamwork at the same time. Bonus - seeing other kids code is a great motivator for students!
School Courses A growing number of school districts (e.g., Los Altos) provide a basic computer class for all students. Great for learning the basics as part of students' daily education. Our core programs provide an individualized education to each student and can take kids into advanced areas like Java or C++ and even iPhone programming.
Coding Clubs These volunteer-driven classes/clubs are a great way to start out - not to mention free! Various topics are offered at various times (typically late evenings), and many are booked very quickly. Parents typically need to stay through the session with younger kids. Sessions are typically short-term (few wks). Our programs are ongoing, and give opportunities to continue to grow with the same Code Coach™ and often the same students and friends. We also provide a set schedule to keep that all-important after-school routine in check!
Summer Camps Great summer fun for kids looking to do higher level game design and have cool games completed by end of the week. Because of the shorter timeframe, focus is typically on inspiration and the end-product rather than deep-dive learning. We offer camps in the summer too! Using our tried and true methodology from our year-round curriculums, kids not only learn the logic behind the code they create, but get exposed to general technology concepts through our Tech Talks and have a little fun with team code challenges as well.

Our Schools

Our environment is designed to be energetic and fun.  Some even say we look just like a startup!  You'll find a few select photos of our locations below, but you'll need to come in for a tour to feel the full energy of our space! So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today!

theCoderSchool Story

Hansel and Wayne have been best buds and business partners for almost 20 years, partnering on whimsical (but unsuccessful) concepts like Fantasy TeeVee (fantasy sports for TV shows), HowsThisHouse (a hot-or-not for house designs), and even a line of Asian-themed, inappropriate T-Shirts!  A few years ago, Hansel opened a School of Rock franchise in Palo Alto, successfully running it for a year before hiring a manager to take over.  While searching for his next opportunity, Hansel happened to be looking for places his own kids could learn to code.  Surprisingly, smack in the center of the tech capital of the world - there weren't many good options!  Ah… lightbulb!  Hansel's experience with a brick-and-mortar kids-ed business, combined with his and Wayne's uncanny (or at least pretty good) coding skills was like putting together peanut butter and jelly, Starsky and Hutch, Steph Curry and a basketball.  In other words, DESTINY!  And thus theCoderSchoool was born. Wanna know more?  See Who We Are.


Want to start your own Coder School?  Sure, why not!  Come join the awesomeness of teaching kids to code, and help us keep the momentum going.  Find out more on our franchising page.

The IAYCE is an alliance of global partners whose goal is to further coding education for youth around the world. theCoderSchool is proud to be a founding member. For more information, head to the IAYCE website.