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How to Train Your Brain to Type Faster

We all want to be able to type faster — it not only saves us time, but it also just makes our lives that much easier. Sure, you can practice, but if we can’t train our brain to follow along, then there’s really no point, right? Well, as it turns out, there ARE ways to put your brain through a mental boot camp and bump up those typing speeds.

Physical training.

It sounds silly, and we promise it’s not anything like what you do when you’re training your body — there are no weights to be lifted here! Instead, use your eyes. When your brain uses both the left and the right hemispheres during a task, it increases memory as well as muscle function; so the trick here is to move your eyes to the left and then the right repeatedly. You’ll find that, after doing this little exercise for only a moment, your typing will become faster and more fluid.


That’s literally one of the easiest ways to get better at typing, but you have to be practicing correctly. That means using your fingers in the right positions, avoiding looking at your fingers as much as possible, and sitting straight.

Fix your mistakes.

Some people say not to look back — just type until you’re done and then fix what needs it. This is doable if you’re trying to work solely on your speed, rather than your memory as well. Typing and playing the piano are both right- and left-brained involving activities, so it’s important to train your brain to memorize the keys and how it relates to the word as a whole. Rather than fixing the single letter that was wrong in your word, go back, erase the whole word, and re-write it. You’ll be able to look back and see the progress in just a few sessions!


This is probably one you’ve heard before — and that’s because it’s true! Make sure you’re getting enough sleep before you tackle looking at a screen for long periods of time; the strain on your eyes will make it easier to miss things and harder to concentrate.

Keep up the brain training.

By that, we mean keep looking at complicated pictures, keep buying puzzle books and finding solutions to apparently impossible problems. The healthier your brain, the better. Keep these things in mind the next time that you want to alter any skills you may have, and you’ll find yourself changing into a magnificent person sooner than you think.

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