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How is Coding Fun?

The word “coding” has a lot of connotations with it — with many leading to “hard work!” It can be a challenge, but challenges offer incredible opportunities. A lot of young coders, before they even dip a toe into the coding world, ask themselves, “What about coding is cool? How can it be fun at all?”

Here’s your answer!

Coding makes you feel good.

People learn to code for a variety of different reasons — the money, to create, to help people, to challenge themselves, etc. Some people just like being able to have fun with what they’re doing! Coders who do the work professionally and as a living have said that some days, you feel like you don’t know anything because of a new challenge or something you have yet to master, and then there are other days where they feel like they ought to be riding down from Mount Olympus on a flaming chariot. When they see the result of their work helping others or creating something new and fascinating, they can’t help but get the warm fuzzies all over. It’s just good.

Coding continuously shapes your brain.

Learning something you enjoy isn’t the same as learning something for school, because you don’t like all of what you’re studying. When you sit down and pick apart something, and exercise your brain to absorb this new information, it’s really quite enjoyable! You walk away feeling like a genius. Not only that, but your brain will also reap the benefits of coding with an increased memory function and problem solving skills, among other things!

Coding comes in many different forms!

You’ve probably already learned some coding without even knowing it through games and toys. Have you ever heard of Minecraft? It teaches you basic coding concepts through a very immersive game that can be played individually or in a team. LEGO can do the same, especially if you have the Edison Coding Robot, an add-on for the blocks that also teaches you many different coding techniques — from beginner’s algorithms to advanced coding languages!

Not everyone may consider coding as a hobby at first, but to put it simply: coding is fun. For many, many different reasons, and worth giving a try at least once! What have you got to lose?

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