Private Coding Tutors for Kids with Code Coaching®

While your child may be excited about building their own robot or developing a video game, diving into the world of computer programming can be intimidating for many kids.

At theCoderSchool, we understand that coding can be complicated and nuanced. That's why we provide private coding tutors called Code Coaches for kids with our Code Coaching program.

Private Code Coaching Sessions at theCoderSchool

Code Coaching is unique in that it doesn’t follow set lesson plans. Rather, students get to learn at their own pace by choosing the subjects that most interest them. Our curriculum is called The Coder Tree, where students learn foundational concepts upon which they'll build skills for learning more advanced languages and frameworks.

For example, a beginner coder may need to take their time learning the fundamentals of coding. Our coaches will ensure their students have a strong understanding and confidence in a subject before moving on to the next topic.

Private tutoring can be done either in-person or online, depending on your location. Online coding classes are just as helpful as in-person classes, and our coaches are available to help with technical support throughout the virtual learning experience during their sessions.

A typical tutoring session lasts roughly an hour, and coaching happens once per week (or more, if you choose). Between lessons, students will have the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned and get feedback from their private tutors at their next session.

Have a child who’s wild about coding? Supplement their learning with our other programming programs for kids. With our after-school coding classes, even seven-year-olds can begin to learn the basics of programming. Our beginner coding courses start out with simple visual programming languages.

theCoderSchool also has coding camps, which is a great way to keep your child engaged through school breaks. Our camps cover popular subjects such as teaching kids to program their own robots and video game development.

Why Use a 2-on-1 Ratio for Private Coding Classes?

While some kids may thrive in a one-on-one coaching session, we’ve found that the 2:1 ratio can actually be better for code coaching sessions. With two students in sessions, kids benefit from the social aspect of learning. They can learn from one another, show off to each other, and collaborate on projects.

Coding classes are excellent for teaching kids how to learn logical, computational, and algorithmic thinking. Coding, by definition, means talking to a computer. This requires a step-by-step process with incredibly specific tasks. Through coding, kids will learn to be more efficient communicators and hone their problem-solving skills simultaneously.

theCoderSchool’s coaches can keep track of your child’s progress through our proprietary Notes+ system. This allows coaches to view their student’s work throughout the week, make notes, and give feedback where needed. Parents can also check in on their kids’ progress through the Notes+ program.

Popular Code Coaching® Coding Lessons

We know that kids come to us with various backgrounds, abilities, and experience with coding and computer science.

Depending on your child’s experience, we’ll help guide them in the right direction. TheCoderSchool's approach to learning will set your child on the right path, whether it’s slowly breaking into the world of app development or programming a robot.

New to Programming

For beginners, we work hard to create a solid foundation in fundamental coding knowledge. This includes introductions to logical thinking, problem-solving, and sequential coding. We use programming languages such as Scratch (from MIT) and Snap! (from UC Berkeley) for youngsters, which help ease them into the world of coding syntax.

Intermediate Coders

For middle school or intermediate coders, we help students begin to apply coding concepts to typed coding languages such as HTML+CSS, Python, and Javascript. This stage of the learning process is about taking on more challenging subjects such as learning algorithms, web development, learning about data structures, and digging into more complex problem-solving techniques.

Advanced Programmers

Older students — usually those in high school — will take their foundational coding skills and typed language concepts and begin to use them to learn more advanced computer science concepts. The higher-level students may get experience learning C++, Java, Swift, C#, and more, depending on their skillset and their coach. Projects will range from dabbling in artificial intelligence to machine learning and 3D game engines such as Unity or Play Canvas.

Meet Your Code Coach®: Who Are Our Coding Tutors?

We have a diverse range of Code Coaches spread around the country, some of whom are real-world coding wizards and others who are working their way through graduate and undergraduate programs. Our Code Coaches aren’t formal teachers, but they’re passionate coders that want to help kids learn to code. Chemistry matters, and we want to ensure that we match your kid with the right coach, so we’ll help you find the right tutor for your student.

Find a Code Coach® to Start Private 2-on-1 Tutoring for Your Child

When you’re ready to get your child started with coding classes, be sure to look online to find kids coding schools near you. Virtual coding classes are easy to set up, meaning your child will start learning to code quickly and start their computer science education in a fun, collaborative, and engaging way.

As you’ll soon find out, theCoderSchool offers a one-of-a-kind approach to coding. Our coaches will be an invaluable mentor for your child as they gain confidence and learn to become budding computer programmers.

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