Online Coding Classes for Kids

Ready to take your child’s virtual learning experience to the next level? Learning to code is an excellent way for kids fascinated by all things tech to sharpen skills that extend beyond the classroom. Virtual coding programs for kids make it easy to learn a new skill.

Here, The Coder Tree is our flexible, self-guided progression for beginner coders. Starting at the Roots and progressing to the Trunk and Branches, your child will learn foundational concepts as they follow their own learning journey.

theCoderSchool offers low-ratio online classes and private one-on-one tutoring called Code Coaching to help kids explore almost any aspect of coding, whether it’s learning a new computer programming language or diving into web development.

What Online Coding Classes at theCoderSchool Entails

Online coding classes at theCoderSchool typically involve one coach and two students with customized lessons.

Rather than set lesson plans, private coding tutors called Code Coaches adjust each session based students’ needs. This allows kids to go at their own pace and ask questions, dig deeper into particular topics, and take challenging subjects more slowly when needed.

Most online tutorials are offered on a weekly basis as part of our sessions, with classes lasting about one hour. Students will have an opportunity to practice their skills throughout the rest of the week, with coaches checking in to monitor progress during their weekly sessions.

Along with our private and low-ratio coaching sessions, theCoderSchool also has after-school coding classes and several coding camps to choose from, some of which will be offered virtually because of COVID-19.

With special camps focused on creating mobile apps, video game development, or even programming a robot, theCoderSchool empowers you to choose from fun camps based on your child’s interests. Camp offerings vary depending on location, so find a school near you to learn about current camp topics in your area.

Virtual Coding Courses for Kids

TheCoderSchool’s virtual coding lessons make learning programming fun and easy for children of all ages and levels of expertise. TheCoderSchool has a diverse range of educators. From university computer science majors to software engineers working in the tech industry, we have coaches from all walks of life. We’ll help pair your student with the right coach based on their abilities, interests, and age.

For beginner coders, coding classes start with teaching critical thinking concepts such as problem-solving, logic, and sequential coding. We use common visual programming languages like Scratch from MIT and Snap! from UC Berkeley. These languages simplify programming concepts and coding syntax, which makes the learning process fun and engaging.

Students in middle school or high school with some experience in fundamental coding concepts can start applying what they’ve learned by using coding languages like Python and Javascript to get a taste of what it’s like to design web applications and their own games.

Tracking Progress with Notes+

We make it easy for parents to monitor students’ progress through theCoderSchool’s propretary custom-built Notes+ system. Through Notes+, we track languages, concepts, homework, and other important session information while students learn app development.

After sessions, our coaches email parents notes with a link to the Coder Progress page, which shows a full summary of progress over time.

Benefits of Hands-On STEM Learning

Learning how to code is a highly transferable skill: Not only are kids learning hands-on valuable technological skills, but they’re also priming their minds to think logically and solve problems.

There’s no denying that our world is becoming more digitized. Taking a coding class will give your child a leg up as they navigate a tech-saturated world, and will give them the confidence to approach technology with skills and a deeper understanding.

Beyond mastering computer languages, coding classes also help instill logical-thinking skills and provide an opportunity for kids to practice how logic works. Problem-solving skills are at the forefront of any coders’ skillset, and your child will be able to understand the process in a tangible, fun way.

Schedule Virtual Coding Classes for Your Child

Enrolling your child in a virtual coding class with theCoderSchool is a great way to help them take charge of their computer science education and learn about subjects that truly interest them.

We understand how important it is to study what interests you, so we help craft the learning experience by offering topics to students and letting them choose their subject area, whether it’s learning how to code with Java or custom game development.

Our Code Coaching program sets theCoderSchool apart from other coding courses. Our low-ratio classes mean your child will get valuable feedback and guidance as they learn to code, problem-solve, and create.

Help jumpstart your child’s coding education and sign up for a virtual coding course with a kids’ coding school near you.

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