Our Coder Tree®

What Do Kids Learn at theCoderSchool?

From game development to web development, Scratch to Python, or even advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and beyond, our Code Coaches can help your kids achieve their computer programming goals in their coding lesson. Our Code Coaching® program uses a learn-by-doing method where their imagination's the limit to their learning.

The Stages of Progression

Beginner coders start in our Coder Tree®'s roots. Kids as young as 7 might start their journey in computer science by learning critical thinking concepts like problem-solving, logic, and sequential coding. Typical programming languages at this stage include Scratch from MIT or Snap! from UC Berkeley.

While students are always practicing fundamental coding concepts, those who are ready start building their next stage - the Trunk. In this stage, students begin to apply coding concepts to typed languages like Python and Javascript with HTML and CSS. Kids may still be building their own games and apps, but these languages require more rigor and typing to build them. This stage is about practicing the more rigorous concepts like code efficiency, data structures, and complex logic in preparation for more advanced technologies.

Advanced students still continue practicing fundamentals as well as basic typed language concepts. But, with those as foundations, they can begin to use them to learn more advanced computer science concepts through building in our Branches stage. At theCoderSchool, we teach many advanced languages from C++ to Java, Swift, C# and beyond. While even our more novice kids are sometimes introduced to computer programming in the Branches, only the advanced students who truly understand the underlying fundamentals continue their programming work here. Artificial Intelligence, Data and Networking with 3rd Party APIs, 3D Game Engines like Unity or Play Canvas, these are some of the complex technologies we might touch on in the Branches.

To follow along your student's advancement through our Coder Tree, we provide a suite of proprietary tools (see a sample Student Portal ) that charts our students' progress, concepts learned, and even activities beyond app-building like coding contests.

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What is theCoderSchool? We are an after-school drop-off (and virtual) program for kids learning to code - a coding school! There's after-school kung fu. There's after-school music lessons, sports, art, tutoring, Chinese, you name it, it's out there. But coding classes for kids? Founded in 2013, we're the first of many, and the largest in Silicon Valley with more locations on the way around the country. The future will be ever more dependent on technology so let's get our young generation ready. Learn to Code, Change the World®.

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