After-School Coding Classes for Kids

In a time where making connections happens on screen, is there any question why kids get excited about coding?

From building their own web applications and video games to robots and more, kids take control of their learning—their only limit being their own interest and imagination.

The Coder Tree is our flexible, self-guided progression for all beginner coders. Your child will learn foundational concepts as they follow their own learning journey from the Roots to the Trunk and Branches, where they'll explore advanced technologies.

Attending a coding class is an amazing way for kids to build their tech skills while establishing useful real-world and foundational understandings of technology.

Programs and Courses at theCoderSchool

TheCoderSchool is a great place to start for kids who want to get a taste of coding in a fun, supportive environment. Sign up if you're interested in what we offer:

Our after-school courses are designed to pique your kids’ interest in subjects such as video game development, learning to program their own robot, or learning the basics of beginner coding languages.

We offer several course options for kids, whether they’re an elementary school student who’s new to programming or a high-schooler with a bit of experience. Kids as young as seven years old start by learning critical thinking concepts such as problem-solving, logic, and sequential coding while using interactive computer programming platforms such as Scratch from MIT and Snap! from UC Berkeley.

After getting the hang of fundamentals and basic language concepts, advanced students will work on more advanced computer science concepts and coding skills and begin to dabble in artificial intelligence, data, and networking with 3rd party APIs, and 3D game engines.

Our Code Coaching program pairs students with coding experts from a range of different backgrounds, from real-world coders in the software industry to computer science majors at the university level.

Parents can check in on their child's progress with our Notes+ system that tracks languages, concepts, homework, and other session information as kids learn to build and collaborate on their own custom apps throughout the after-school classes.

Online and In-Person Coding Programs

TheCoderSchool offers both in-person and online coding classes in a range of subjects, and our Code Coaches can make recommendations about what course is best for your child based on their interests and experience level.

After years of coaching, we’ve found that a 2:1 ratio is best for our students, but we also offer private coding tutors called Code Coaches. Our after-school coaching programs are offered on a weekly basis, with sessions typically lasting one hour and online practice sessions between coaching. Topics range from logical thinking concepts such as sequential coding to algorithms and data manipulation for more advanced students.

theCoderSchool also has a range of coding camps to choose from on exciting topics such as game design, robotics, and website building. Spring, summer, and winter break camps are also available throughout the year.

Benefits of Hands-On STEM Learning

Studying can be a challenge for kids. Some subjects can be uninteresting or boring. By contrast, hands-on learning at theCoderSchool in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has several benefits:

After-School Coding Class FAQs

Why learn to code?

Coding is a highly transferable skill that kids will take with them regardless of whether they become computer programmers or doctors. Kids come away with improved tech skills, enhanced problem-solving techniques, and logical thinking abilities that will carry over into any career.

At what age should kids start coding?

A basic ability for logic and computer navigation skills are good to have before jumping into an after-school program. That’s why kids as young as seven or eight years old can begin coding sessions with theCoderSchool.

Find an After-School Coding Class Near You

TheCoderSchool offers in-person and online after-school coding classes at all our locations. Our educators set theCoderSchool apart from other coding schools. With our low ratio classes, our coaches are able to personalize each session to fit your child’s needs and adjust to their most optimal learning environment. Help your child engage their creative thinking skills and become tech wizards by finding a kids’ coding school near you.

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