Interested in joining the movement to teach kids to code?  Wanna be your own boss while helping change the world?  What an amazing and fun ride it's been so far for us.  We've seen lots of smiling faces and gotten plenty of kids interested in coding - and we want more!

We were even written up in Entrepreneur Magazine, highlighted in their "Fire Brands" article in 2016, mentioned as a trending company in 2017, and counted as a top new franchise in their April 2018 issue.  Check out our cheesy mug shots in the inset pic!

Read thru our FAQ below and let's see if we can answer some of your high level questions.  If you're still excited by the prospect of opening your own Coder School, scroll down further and fill out our information form!

Please note, franchising is only available within the domestic United States, in most select states.


1. What's theCoderSchool? A lame first question, but a good one. We're Silicon Valley's largest after-school coding program for kids, and we're looking for franchise partners to grow! We are a premium-branded, after-school, dedicated-location, project-based, fun-focused program that teaches kids to code. That enough hyphenated words for you? We can shorten it - we're a coding school, and we rock.

2. Why coding for kids? In the recent few years, the movement to teach kids to code has surged in a big way. reports that there are almost 600,000 computing jobs open, and only less than 60,000 Comp Sci students (that's one-tenth!) graduating into the work force. Now's the time to get our kids ready! Learn to code. Change the world.®

3.Does the business model work? It sure does! We started our first school back in 2014, when coding for kids was just starting to become hot. We've learned tons of lessons along the way, and found a way to be successful AND document the playbook for others to follow. That is, after all, the reason you buy into a franchise system, right? You follow our proven, successful model that we've perfected over multiple successful locations.

4.What makes an ideal franchisee? We're not looking for super deep technical architects, nor are we looking for passive investors who want to invest in the movement. Our owners want to give back to the community and get excited about kids when their eyes light up, and are looking for an impactful business to own. Our owners have a great business sense and love to provide good customer service. While owners don't necessarily need a technical background, they understand the impact that kids learning to code can have on our future, and have the ability to pick up enough technical chops to run a Coder School!

5. What are the initial fees and royalties? We're not here to make a quick buck off you, we're here to get more schools open and more kids coding! So our fees tend to run lower than many other franchises. Direct from our FDD, our initial fees are $29,950, and a 5% royalty of gross receipts. We also have a Brand Fund of 2%, used for furthering the brand as a whole. However, we currently are taking 1% as voted on by our franchisees.

6. What are the requirements and costs? Straight from our Franchise Disclosure Document, the investment needed to start up a school is between $65,250 to $150,650. There's levers you can adjust to impact what part of the range you're in, but that is the expected range of total up front investment (including rent, initial fees, everything!). We also require that you have a net worth of $250k+ and liquid capital of $50k.

7. Can I really make a living doing this? The short answer - we can't answer that for you! It's really all up to you. Are you good at relationships? Are you good with giant to-do lists? Good with numbers, hiring, marketing? Are you the manager or are you hiring one? Like any business, the success or failure of it is up to the owner(s) running it. As the franchisor, we can provide a great successful playbook - but in the end, it's up to you (with our support) to execute it well! What we CAN say is that our locations have been quite successful for some time, and we think we've figured out how to bottle it for our franchisees - so if you're a good business person, you've got a good shot at a great business.

8.Do I need to be an experienced coder? Generally, owners with experience in technology certainly have an advantage, as that is what we teach. However, we're not a tech business - we're a customer service business! We can teach you the things you need to know about coding (and you'll need folks on your staff that can answer the tougher tech questions), and we'll look to you to have great business smarts and an inherent ability to run a customer-oriented business.

9.Do I need to be a full-time owner-operator? You probably know that businesses run SO much smoother when the operator is the owner. But while we certainly prefer that you are the owner-operator, we don't require it. Hiring a day-to-day manager is an option (which of course costs more money!), but we do require that you are actively involved in managing that resource - because the success of your school depends on it!

10.Why don't I just open my own coding school? Great question! Our value is that we have a system in place that's proven and that works. Our processes and systems have evolved significantly from the many, many lessons (good AND bad!) we've learned along the way over the course of our locations across the country and well over ten thousand students that we've taught to code. We also provide great premium branding and images (and require a designer-look to the schools) which give your school instant credibility by being part of a larger system, and just plain old looking awesome. Don't forget we're also founded and based in Palo Alto, the high tech capital of the world (hello, credibility)! But most of all, you would be part of a growing network of teachers and owners who are passionate and can all evolve together and help each other as a team.

11.What makes Coder School different than other coding franchises? We think we're pretty different than most coding schools we've talked to, and while a bunch of things make us different - a few jump to mind:

  • First, we teach in a very customized way, with a small ratio - 2:1 is our target. This allows us to really individualize how kids are taught, as every kid learns differently.
  • Second, we have a ton of experience not only with coding, but also with working with kids and parents. Our founder's background includes not only experience as a professional software developer, but direct experience owning and running a successful music education business for kids. Not to mention our own Coder School's vast experiences, founded way back in 2014 - a lifetime in the tech world!
  • Finally, we're big and growing fast. We're the largest in Silicon Valley, having not only taught thousands of students, but we now have lots of locations to learn from beyond Silicon Valley. There's no better teacher than actual on-the-ground experience in a bunch of different environments!
  • 11.Where can I find out more? Check out who we are as a school by heading to our home page, or check out what our locations are up to!

    Thirsty for more reading? Check out this interview with our founder on Franchise Chatter. Or if you’re more of an audio person, check out the Entrepreneur Way Podcast interview of our founder for tips on a Lifestyle Business!

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    Sorry, opportunities available only in the United States. In addition, please note that Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York are not available for new franchisees. Other territories may be unavailable as well due to prior commitments.

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