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What do Netflix, Google, and Facebook all have in common? Their programmers use Python, one of the most versatile and popular coding languages around. The best part is it’s easy to learn.

For kids who are tech-savvy and interested in coding, theCoderSchool’s Python courses and camps are gateways into the world of programming.

Learning Python programming is not only a great precursor to becoming a skilled coder. It’s also helpful even if your child doesn’t end up working in computer science. The skills gained in a Python class will translate to any STEM subject, while also helping your child connect with other students with similar interests.

Through this course, your child will learn how useful Python is for almost anything code related. From game development to machine learning and even programming artificial intelligence, Python is a great first language to learn as a new programmer.

How Our Python Coding Courses Work

TheCoderSchool strives to make it easy for kids to learn how to code and create python projects in a way that works for their learning style and schedule. Sometimes python projects with more animations and turtle graphics are more engaging so will be incorporated.

We offer our computer programming courses in different formats, from private sessions to low-ratio coaching classes to full-on summer camps.

In-Person & Online Python Coding Classes

If your child benefits from a collaborative learning experience, our low-ratio computer programming classes are offered in both an in-person and online format.

Private Python Coding Lessons

For students who benefit from two-on-one guidance, we offer weekly private Code Coaching for kids who want to learn Python. By having two learners present for coaching sessions, students learn from one another while being guided by their coach. It can be a more social experience for students, which for most kids is more fun than learning alone. Our coaches tailor private programming courses to your child, empowering your child to set the cadence of lessons. We provide plenty of time to ensure your child fully absorbs concepts before moving on.

Python Coding Camps

TheCoderSchool’s week-long camps are a great way to keep your kids coding and learning during school breaks throughout the year. With a ratio of six students per teacher, our Python camps cover a range of topics relating to the programming language, including: For Python-specific skills, campers will learn syntax including: Python Campers are typically over 10 years old, and have beginner or intermediate coding skills. For those students who are still beginners, the Python camp will be a solid introduction to a typed language, especially for those who have only used Scratch. We use an online Python platform to help students learn to code and practice fundamentals before jumping into more complex coding tasks and dabbling in PyGame. Students who learn Python often go on to learn other highly useful languages such as Java and HTML, and concepts such as algorithms.

The Coder Tree Philosophy

No matter their age, starting skill level, or preferred class type, all students progress according to their own Coder Tree. Beginner students start at the roots, where they learn initial coding concepts such as variables, basic game logic, and functions. From there, the trunk teaches students to apply coding concepts to more advanced programming languages. After they've built a strong foundation, students can branch out to the more complex areas of coding that they’re interested in. Popular topics include Unity, 3D game engines, or artificial intelligence.

Hands-On STEM Learning That Lasts a Lifetime

One reason we offer classes, coaching, and camps in such low ratios is because we understand the value of hands-on STEM learning. Rather than sitting at the back of a classroom and trying to stay awake, children often learn best through doing. We use this model of teaching in all our class formats, whether it’s during an online course or in a week-long Python summer camp.

Beyond the basics of coding, our students come away with programming concepts that translate beyond the classroom. TheCoderSchool hones in on the power of logical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration in all our teachings. We want your child to come away with valuable skills, regardless of whether they choose a career in computer science or web development.

Python Course FAQs

Can a kid learn Python?

One reason we teach Python at theCoderSchool is that it's easy to learn and it’s incredibly versatile. You don’t have to be an advanced coder to pick up the basics of Python, making it a great programming language for kids to learn. However, kids will need to be adept at typing, so kids tend to be around age 10 before moving into Python.

Why should kids learn Python?

As mentioned before, Python is a great first language for older kids because it’s used in so many settings in the real world. From building video games to developing AI and designing websites, Python is truly a Swiss Army Knife when it comes to coding.

What is the best Python course for beginners?

For absolute beginners who are a little older, Code Coaching is a great option. Your child will have the chance to learn among peers and discover the language in a fun, inviting setting.

What are the best Python books for kids?

To supplement your child’s learning in coaching or in a camp, one of the best books for kids is Python for Kids by Jason R. Briggs.

Find a Python Class Near You

Taking a class or joining a camp with theCoderSchool will be a major boost to your child’s tech confidence and computer knowledge. Beyond learning valuable coding skills, students come away with real-world skills in problem-solving and logical thinking that will translate to almost any career or vocation.

TheCoderSchool has courses scattered around the country; be sure to look for kids coding schools near you to get started.

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