Robotics Classes for Kids

Getting kids excited about learning isn’t always easy. Memorizing facts and studying by repetition can be tough for the most motivated students.

On the contrary, teaching kids how to program their own robot is anything but boring.

theCoderSchool’s robotics classes for kids are an excellent entry point into learning how to code. Our robotics tutorials will teach students how to code their own robot while learning the value of teamwork and connecting with other kids that have similar interests.

In our robotics classes, students will gain hands-on experience, from assembling their bot to programming it using an intuitive interface like the mBot platform or a more advanced language like Python.

We offer robotics programs in a number of different formats, including:

No matter your child’s age or coding skill level, our classes help them take an immersive dive into all things robotics. We meet students where they are, making challenging subjects easier through engaging and interactive coaching methods. Robotics classes are best for beginner and intermediate coders, but high schoolers who are new to coding are also welcome.

How Our Robotics Coding Camp Works

Spark your child’s love of learning with a fully immersive camp that matches their interests. With about a 6:1 ratio, our robotics camps are perfect for kids nine and up who have some knowledge of logic and either a beginner or intermediate level of programming experience.

Hands-On Robotics Experience

The camp will provide actual robots so campers will be able to physically interact with and program their ‘bots. The week-long camps will instruct students on how to control their robots using computer programming tools. At the end of camp, students get to put their robots to the test with a competition or other fun activity.

Tools & Equipment Provided

We will provide computers and other programming tools throughout the duration of the camp. The specific robot used for each camp may vary, but mBot is the standard robot for theCoderSchool’s camps. And, depending on location, students may be able to take their robot home when camp is over!

Learn more about the robot coding camp in your area.

Getting Kids Excited About Hands-On STEM Learning

Hands-on learning such as robot-building has a lasting impact on students’ as they gain skills and grasp new concepts. This is the beauty of hands-on STEM learning: Not only is it a fun and creative process to program your own robot, but students gain a tangible understanding of artificial intelligence, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills.

This type of learning is also incredibly useful for building kids’ confidence in technology. As our world becomes increasingly more digital, coding skills will give 21st century children a distinct advantage as they make their way into adulthood and their careers.

Even if they don’t become professional programmers, your child will use their newfound logic and problem-solving skills in whichever career they pursue.

The Coder Tree Philosophy

All students at theCoderSchool progress according to their own Coder Tree.

Beginner students start at the roots, where they learn initial coding concepts such as variables, basic game logic, and functions. The tree trunk represents their ability to apply coding concepts to more advanced programming languages. Once they have a strong foundation, students can then branch out to the more complex areas of coding that they’re most interested in like Unity, 3D game engines, or artificial intelligence.

Robotics Class FAQs

What is the benefit of robotics camps?

Robotics courses provide an excellent entry point into understanding how coding works in a tangible, fun way. Using computer tools to make a robot come to life is rewarding, fascinating, and highly useful for cementing skills such as logical thinking.

Do participants enter any coding or robotics competitions?

At the end of the robotics camps, students will have the opportunity to test their robots against others in their cohort. This could look like a maze challenge, a timed activity, or some other task-oriented activity.

What is the best age to start robotics?

Robots can be exciting at any age, but we recommend our robotics camps and classes for beginner and intermediate coders as young as age nine.

What are the best robotics kits for kids?

The standard robot used to teach robotics is mBot, but different locations may provide alternatives.

Which is more difficult, robotics or programming?

Robotics is a form of programming, but it is often seen as an entry point into learning how programming works in a tangible way. By programming robots to perform simple tasks, students learn logic skills that translate into more difficult programming tasks.

How is robotics useful for their education?

Regardless of whether your child decides that they want to pursue a career in coding, robotics helps instill confidence in technology. Your child will see how learning can be fun, and will likely be motivated to embrace new concepts more readily.

Find a Robotics Class Near You

TheCoderSchool’s robotics coaching lessons and camps are just one facet of our wide range of coding experiences for kids. We know how to make coding fun and interesting, and our low-ratio camps and one-on-one private coaching options will help personalize the experience for your child.

Whether it’s to sign up for a summer camp or learn about coaching options, be sure to find kids coding schools near you and kickstart your child’s interest and knowledge in computer science and coding.

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