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About Our Schools

Welcome to theCoderSchool, a place where kids learn to code all year round!  Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, theCoderSchool combines a super-small teaching ratio with an individualized immersion style to get your kids learning to code in no time!  We don't believe in kids being taught by software, and we don't like one-size-fits-all curriculums.  Instead we focus on a mentor relationship with an experienced coder, a Code Coach® who can guide our students through their amazing technical journey. Come by and find out more today!

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"In a few short months he has learned to code his own games through Python and Unity. [...] I feel like I am giving my son a gift he will carry for the rest of his life." - theCoderSchool Irvine Parent
I absolutely LOVE my job with theCoderSchool. Every day I get to teach kids with [theCoderSchool] makes me excited to get out of bed.
- theCoderSchool Code Coach®
"Seriously impressive school. My kids who are not naturally technical yet have truly adapted to the idea of coding" - theCoderSchool Cary Parent
"I learned more in that half hour trial lesson than I did in a whole week at [a $900/wk camp]!" - theCoderSchool Palo Alto student

Our Philosophy

As a coding school, we're built a little differently than some folks might think.  We've taught over 10,000 students since we started, and to no surprise of any parent, have found that kids are all different!  Some learn faster, some learn slower.  Some want web, some want games, others still want algorithms or specific languages.  So our core philosophy is just that - all kids learn differently, so let's teach them differently.

Rather than using static one-size-fits-all curriculums, our core program uses an immersion and mentoring approach in a super-small student to teacher ratio (typically 2:1).  This allows our Code Coaches® to personalize and customize based on the students, making for a much more engaging experience.  Instead of linear learning of concepts from a curriculum, we immerse the kids in coding by building stuff and then building more stuff!  Wanna see what kids can do?  Check out our App of the Moment, or our full App Gallery of Scratch, Python, and other cool stuff!

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Code Coaching®

Code Coaching® is our core philosophy, and what our school is about! We believe that every student is different, and that kids should learn the things they're most interested in, at the speed that works best for them. From game development to Python or Java and beyond, Code Coaching® works for all kids of all ages and skills. Code Coaching® uses a super-small 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio so our students can get the focused attention and customization they need. These sessions run one or two hours a week (your choice), at the same time every week on a schedule that works for both you and our Coach. Check out our video for more!

Code Coaching PLUS

Code Coaching PLUS is our premium program that combines our classic Code Coaching® with a Coder Fair presentation every 3-4 months. Kids come in as usual for their one (or two) hour Code Coaching® session as scheduled, but come a second time each week for a group one-hour session to work on their presentations and get together for team-oriented activities. Code Coaching PLUS is for our students aged 10 and up. Check with your location for the group session times, and check out our explainer video for more!

Code Class

Code Class is our entry level program for the novice and younger (ages 8-10) coder. Our Coaches use Scratch or Snap! to teach kids using our project-based game development curriculum. Code Class runs one hour per week at a preset time. Check out our video for more!

Code Coaching PRO

In our advanced program, invited students get a chance to boost their coder portfolio by a more targeted private Code Coaching session with advanced apps, required presentations at the Coder Fair, regular opportunities to teach younger coders, and frequent posts to our technical Student Blog page. For more details, check out our PRO Page.

Code Camp

Our Code Camps are a great way to spend a school break. Camps are typically one week long, and usually 9am-3pm (check your location for specific times). Each week has a different theme and may be aimed for a specific age group or skill set. Some locations may offer camps during other breaks such as holiday or track-out breaks. For more information, check out our Camps page or our video below!

Our Programs

Our core business is our weekly after-school programs, run throughout the year. Coding takes practice, and we believe getting kids to code consistently throughout the year is the only way they'll really learn to code! Our programs are for students at all skill levels, ages 7-18, and progress through a broad array of languages from Scratch to Python, Javascript, Java and much more. Click on our programs below, and be sure to check with us for more details!

And don't forget we also run Coding Camps  too, during certain holiday and summer breaks!

Code Coaching®

Our core program teaches a broad array of languages in a customized way, with a 2:1 instructor ratio. [more...]

Code Coaching PLUS

Our premium program combines Code Coaching® with group sessions, and a presentation at our Coder Fairs. [more...]

Code Class

We also offer traditional classes in Scratch for our novice, younger coders looking to start more slowly. [more...]

Code Coaching PRO

For our advanced high school students, our invite-only program helps boost a coder's portfolio. [more...]


Like any skill, coding requires a strong foundation. The roots of our Coder Tree™ provide the core logic and fundamental coding skills upon which all coding is built. While much of our Foundation is taught by creating projects in Scratch or a similar language, we'll also use Python and Javascript to continue to grow our Coder Tree™ roots. Like a tree, we want our coders' roots to always grow to support the growing skill branches (and trunk) they're sure to learn in the future.


Typed languages form the "trunk" of our Coder Tree™. After building on fundamental coding concepts, students begin the journey of learning the constructs of typed languages like Python and Javascript, and later C++, Java or others. Syntax and semi-colons become important and graphical games are harder to come by, making the trunk of our tree a skill that only our more intermediate coders, proficient in typing, can tackle. Typical platforms we might use to teach some of the languages include CodePen , Trinket,, and many others.

AI Focus Branch

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage these days. The technology behind autonomous cars, computer opponents, and shopping recommendations is a vast and growing field. Because AI is fundamentally based on algorithms (usually very complex ones!), we may teach this Coder Branch using any language, from Python all the way to Scratch, focusing more on the algorithm than the language. Our AI Focus Branch is for our advanced students with an already strong grasp of a number of languages and basic algorithms.

Mobile Branch

Can you believe the first iPhone was released by Steve Jobs in 2007? A few short years later, almost everyone has a smartphone. Our Mobile Branch teaches kids how to create and design apps and websites for the phone. Technologies used may include Phone Gap, App Inventor, or even XCode/Eclipse for our most advanced students. Our Mobile Branch is intended for intermediate-advanced students.

Data Focus Branch

As many professional coders know, data is what runs the world these days. From Google to Wikipedia, from maps to shopping, it's the data underneath that supports all this technology. Programming in data manipulation is just like it sounds - lots of numbers! Because of that, this branch tends to target more advanced kids who aren't afraid of a lot of math, numbers, and algorithmic coding. We may teach data in any language from Python to Scratch, and for more advanced kids, we may move into SQL databases.

Algorithms Branch

Algorithms form the basis of all coding, and in a nutshell are basically the logical processes that a computer follows to perform a task. Basic algorithms are everywhere, starting with our students' first program that repeats a loop 10 times. More complex algorithms are like logic puzzles, and can be tough for even the most seasoned coders. While algorithms are in all projects we create, we may also use algorithm-specific tools like Coding Bat, Project Euler, and others to hone students' logic skills.

3D Games Branch

Ever wonder how they make those 3D platform games? Well, it ain't easy! Our 3D Games Branch will expose kids to the basics of programming in 3D with platforms like PlayCanvas or Unity, using either Javascript or C#. We might also touch upon 3D object rendering (and potentially 3D printing) using programs like Blender. Our 3D Games Branch, while appealing and engaging for all levels, is for advanced students only.

Custom Branch

As the name implies, in our Custom Branch, anything is game! Our philosophy is that coding covers such a wide range of topics, it's impossible to name every one. Will students build a utility app for their community? A data website that tracks storms? A game that their friends play together? Their imagination's the limit in our Custom Branch.

Bots 'n Hardware Branch

From robots to mini-computers, having a physical, tangible product is bound to engage kids at all levels. With platforms like Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey or MakeBlock's mBot, we can teach kids how to program them and bring them to life. While we don't typically provide the hardware, we may have some school-owned bots students can use - or students are encouraged to bring in their own!

Gaming+ Branch

Games are for everyone! Whether we're talking battle games, social games, or platform games, our Code Coaches® can help students create something fun and playable. Gaming+ covers a wide range of skill levels, from easy games in Scratch to harder games using platforms like PyGame or even PlayCanvas.

Web Dev Branch

Everything runs on the web these days, so website development has become a crucial (and useful) skill. Our students use Javascript, HTML, and CSS to create their own webpages, which can be hosted on our servers. While our more novice students begin with straight forward web pages, our advanced Web Dev students might make dynamic websites, using databases or server-side components like PHP or node.js. Our platform of choice depends on our staff, but might range from simple tools like JSFiddle to more complex tools like Cloud 9.

AP Tutor Branch

While we've never believed that static curriculums are a good way to learn computer science, some folks just need straight tutoring help for their AP Comp Sci course. Usually reserved for high school students taking (or soon taking) AP Comp Sci, our AP Tutor Branch consists of tutoring our students straight down the line with the standard AP Comp Sci curriculum, typically in Java. Our AP Tutor Branch is best taught in our private 1:1 Code Coaching® program.

Tech Talk

Our Tech Talks aren't directly related to heads down coding but instead focus on higher level topics like how the internet works, Internet Safety (required for all our students), or just understanding technology at a high level. From quantum computing to map directions, students can be exposed to these technologies, learning how they shape our lives. Tech Talks are less about the detailed coding, and more about understanding high-level concepts.

Our Coder Tree™ Progression

We believe that every student learns in his or her own way, not only in what they want to work on, but how fast and how much. Our Coder Tree™ is a visualization of our students' learning options as they grow and a sampling of some of the topics we teach. Like real trees, our students' coding journeys are unique from each other, but all require strong foundations and trunks to support their higher, advanced branches. Click on a branch to find out more about some of the focus areas we teach (subject to staff availability).

Our Schools

Coding For Kids - our Story

Hansel (left) and Wayne

Hansel and Wayne have been best buds and business partners for almost 20 years, even playing in a hilariously horrible but awesomely fun punk-pop cover band together!  Back in 2013, Hansel happened to be trying to get his own kids to learn to code.  When his daughter Maile whipped through an online learning website really fast, proud Papa asked her some questions.  To his surprise, she really didn't learn much at all!  "I just clicked through to get to the end", she said (sound familiar, parents?!).  That was the lightbulb moment when Hansel realized that software can't teach kids - PEOPLE need to teach kids.  And thus the idea behind theCoderSchool and our Code Coach® mentoring philosophy was born.  Wanna know more?  See Who We Are.


Wanna start your own Coder School?  Sure, why not!  Come join the awesomeness of coding for kids, and help us keep the momentum going.  Find out more on our franchising page.

The IAYCE is an alliance of global partners whose goal is to further coding education for youth around the world. theCoderSchool is proud to be a founding member. For more information, head to the IAYCE website.