Summer Coding Camps

While we’re mostly an after-school custom-learning coding shop, we also offer Summer Camps! Our in-person coding camps can be a great way to keep your kids learning computer science through their time away from school. theCoderSchool’s camps target kids’ interests, from video game development to robotics to minecraft to roblox to javascript with html/css and even mobile game development.

How We Teach at Our Camps

Our camps are all low-ratio, with typically six campers to each instructor. Camp instructors are often our regular year-round Code Coaches® who have lots of experience teaching coding skills to kids throughout the year. Each camp has recommendations around age and skill level, but all are open to discussion based on your child’s experience with coding.

How Our Camps Are Run

Each day camp runs for a full week, usually starting mid-morning and finishing early afternoon, although some camps are offered as a half-day. While we’ll do lots of on-computer learning, we’ll also take plenty of breaks and take a walk outside or other indoor activities. At the end of the week, students give demos to show off their hard work from the week and their newfound critical thinking skills.

Our Coding Camps

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We'll be using cool drag n' drop languages like Scratch or Snap to create some cool new and classic games! Aimed at our newbie and novice coders, this camp is a great way to get exposed to coding, or dig deeper into game design and development skills. It's amazing how fast you can build a playable game these days and learn coding concepts at the same time.


We don't have a pet snake for our schools, so we'll settle for introducing you to Python, one of the most popular coding languages today. Depending on the camper skill levels, we may build Python utilities or games or use other platforms. Start slowly or code fast, this camp is for our intermediate coders - no Python experience necessary.

WEBROX (Ages 10+)

Everything's about the web these days, and that's why Web Rocks! Code with all the base web technologies like HTML/CSS and Javascript and get a real live website going. This camp will teach students how to build websites using actual code, not a platform like Squarespace or Wix. For novice or intermediate coders.

Minecraft! (Ages 10+)

Let’s face it: Kids love video games. It’s quickly becoming one of the best ways for kids to learn computer science skills — especially coding. At theCoderSchool, we can teach coding through the video game Minecraft. Kids at our Minecraft Coding Camps learn how to build, create, and modify in their worlds through coding. We use Minecraft for our summer camps and sometimes even our after-school programs because kids love it: It’s easy to learn, is engaging, and is perfect for kids 9 years old and up.

Roblox! (Ages 10+)

If you've heard of Minecraft, you probably have heard of its cousin Roblox. In this summer camp, participants will get to create and publish their own Roblox game to Roblox website for the world to play. Campers will spend each day building an Obby (Roblox lingo for Obstacle course) using the amazing Roblox Studio platform. Campers will learn the basics of creating games in a 3D environment. They will also learn about the programming language Lua by modifying pre-programmed blocks to suit their obstacle course needs.


Smart phones are all over the world, and in everyone's hands these days. Our Mobile Madness camp gets our intermediate coders introduced to the world of mobile app development by coding up some of their very own mobile apps that can run on both a simulator and an actual phone. This camp will utilize a platform to teach mobile app building (platform TBD).

ROBOCODE (Ages 10+)

If you’re excited by the thought of controlling physical robots, look no further than our Robocode camp! This camp uses various small robots to code and control movements. Depending on the location, we may use mBots or other similar robots, and may include building of the robot itself. Some locations will allow kids to bring their robots home at the end of the camp.

PI JAM (Ages 8-10)

Get hooked on the coolest mini-computer, the Raspberry Pi! Build your own computer, then program on it with Python or Scratch. Some locations may include the computer to bring home.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword of the day, and we’re ready to help you tackle it. This camp teaches kids about how AI and chatGPT works and its uses, and may use a platform to create their own AI image recognition bots. We may also dive into coding algorithms that mimic computer intelligence, and will use different languages depending on camper skills. Some coding experience required.

JAVA CAMP (Ages 10+)

Our Java camp is for the advanced student looking to brush up on some hard core coding. This camp is aimed at kids who are going to take AP CS A in high school or similar, and digs right in to the nitty gritty of coding. Not for beginners, advanced coders only please.


Today's computers are constantly connecting to each other, requesting all kinds of data. Need to get directions from Google? No problem. Find out the latest tweets? Sure. Companies large and small today expose something call an Application Programming Interface (API) so apps can connect to their services (sometimes free, sometimes for a cost). APIs are one of the most useful tools for professional programmers today, so get a head start by building your own data connections with an API at this camp! Advanced coders only, please.

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Welcome to theCoderSchool

Welcome to theCoderSchool, a place that teaches coding camps and a whole lot more during the school year. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, theCoderSchool believes every kid is unique, and we treat them that way. Our core program revolves around a mentor relationship with experienced coders, Code Coaches who can guide our students through their amazing - and custom - technical journey. To find out more about our regular after school program during the school year, fill out our form!

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Experience Interactive STEM Learning

We design our coding camps to help kids understand STEM topics through interactive, hands-on experiences. Our engaging approach makes sometimes complex concepts palatable for younger students. Hands-on STEM learning is highly valuable for students, giving them skills they can use for years to come—even if they don’t become computer programmers. Some of the useful skills they’ll pick up include:

Making STEM fun and interesting is our specialty at theCoderSchool, and we’re confident that your child will come away with a newfound appreciation for computer programming through our immersive learning experience.

Coding Camps for Kids FAQ

What is a coding camp?

Coding summer camps are week-long coding courses in a variety of topics, from robotics to artificial intelligence to video game design and development. We also teach an Intro to Python Programming camp, one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world!

What makes theCoderSchool camps different?

Our coding camps at theCoderSchool are unique because they are taught in small groups and very hands-on, giving campers a more immersive experience in which to improve their technical skills.

How does a coding camp help kids?

Coding camps help our campers learn in a collaborative way. Not only are they picking up useful teamwork skills, but they’re also learning the fundamentals of a valuable STEM subject in a fun and engaging way.

What is the best coding camp for kids?

We know how different kids are from one another, and our camps help reflect that diversity. You'll find camps that focus on javascript and HTML/CSS for web development, use Scratch for game design, game development, and animations, we even have camps that teach algorithms for basic artificial intelligence and data science. We also employ a project-based learning experience.

How do I find a camp near me?

Our coding schools are scattered around the US, so be sure to find a kids’ coding camp near you to discover what options are available in your area and for enrollment.
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