Summer Coding Camps (Virtual Too!)

While we’re mostly an after-school custom-learning coding shop, we also offer Summer Camps! Figuring out how to spend school breaks can be challenging, but coding camps can be a great way to keep your kids learning through their time away from school. TheCoderSchool’s camps target kids’ interests, from video game development to robotics and even mobile game development—making coding fun and engaging and honing in on your kid’s passions and motivations.

Our camps provide coding lessons for kids as well as fun offline activities at our sweet coding facilities (when possible) and leverage goodies from our year-round programs to create a uniquely collaborative environment where the kids work together, code together, and have a rockin’ fun summer together! Some of our camps may also be offered virtually depending on current safety conditions.

How We Teach at Our Camps

While kids may be happy to spend their entire school break sitting in front of their latest video game obsession, there’s a far better option: Learning to code at a tech camp. Whether it’s video game development or learning how to make a robot walk, coding takes existing interests and turns them into tangible skills such as problem solving and logical thinking.

Our camps are all low-ratio, with typically six students to each instructor. Camp instructors are our regular year-round Code Coaches® who have lots of experience teaching kids throughout the year. Each camp has recommendations around age and skill level, but all are open to discussion based on your child’s experience with coding.

How Our Camps Are Run

TheCoderSchool camps are great for learning new skills in a condensed period of time. Each day camp runs for a full week, usually starting mid-morning and finishing early afternoon, although some camps are offered as a half-day. Because we understand it might not be feasible to meet in person, we’re also offering some camps online.

While we’ll do lots of on-computer learning, we’ll also take plenty of breaks, get some physical motion by heading outside frequently (weather permitting), and even do some cool offline coding exercises! For each of our camps, students get to present their creations at the end of the week, with demos to show off their hard work from the week. Kids come away with confidence and new skills, whether it’s gaining new coding tricks or discovering what makes a robot come to life.

Our Coding Camps

Luckily for our students, theCoderSchool’s summer camps run the gamut. We know how kids’ interests vary, and we try to offer something for everyone. Here’s a closer look at the summer programs we offer.

Experience Interactive STEM Learning

We design our coding camps to help kids understand STEM topics through interactive, hands-on experiences. Our engaging approach makes sometimes complex concepts palatable for younger students. Hands-on STEM learning is highly valuable for students, giving them skills they can use for years to come—even if they don’t become computer programmers. Some of the useful skills they’ll pick up include:

Making STEM fun and interesting is our specialty at theCoderSchool, and we’re confident that your child will come away with a newfound appreciation for computer programming.

Coding Camps for Kids FAQ

What is a coding camp?

Coding summer camps are week-long coding courses in a variety of topics, from robotics to AI to video game development.

What makes theCoderSchool camps different?

Our coding camps at theCoderSchool are unique because they are taught in small groups and very hands-on.

How does a coding camp help kids?

Coding camps help kids learn in a collaborative way. Not only are they picking up useful teamwork skills, but they’re also learning a valuable STEM subject in a fun and engaging way.

What is the best coding camp for kids?

We know how different kids are from one another, and our camps help reflect that diversity. We’ve chosen camps to satisfy interests across the board, so there’s something for all kids at theCoderSchool.

How do I find a camp near me?

Our coding schools are scattered around the US, so be sure to find a kids’ coding camp near you to discover what options are available in your area. If attending a camp in person isn’t feasible, be sure to inquire about our online classes.
Need an energy boost? Check out our video and get stoked about our camps!

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