Scratch Coding Classes for Kids

Whether your child wants to build their own video game or your high schooler wants to develop an app, learning Scratch is a great starting point for kids who express an interest in learning about computers. Primarily a visual language, Scratch is an entry-level coding language, designed to help youngsters scratch the surface of what coding is all about.

The MIT Media Lab designed Scratch to help young people grasp the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way. Rather than challenging syntax, Scratch is made up of fun games and drag-and-drop coding blocks to help kids understand the process and fundamentals of computer coding.

While it’s a simpler language to learn, it’s highly useful for a number of purposes, whether your child is interested in video game development or app creation. By learning Scratch, your child will understand how coding works and be primed for more challenging languages such as Python, C++, or Java.

TheCoderSchool offers classes in a variety of formats that are perfect for children aged seven and up:

How Our Scratch Coding Classes Work

In camp, online, or after school, students will learn the basics of Scratch and come away with new skills and concepts such as problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity. Kids can learn Scratch in a variety of settings with theCoderSchool. Our unique teaching method involves low ratios and private Code Coaching to help your child truly learn and progress in their coding development at a pace that works best for them.

The Coder Tree Philosophy

At theCoderSchool, we believe in helping children progress according to their own Coder Tree. Beginner students start at the roots, where they learn initial coding concepts such as variables, basic game logic, and functions. The trunk of their tree represents their ability to apply coding concepts to more advanced programming languages. Once they understand the basics, students can branch out to other coding topics such as Unity, 3D game engines, and artificial intelligence. This type of self-paced learning atmosphere is a great way to introduce students to Scratch coding. We offer the following class formats:

In-person and online Scratch classes

Students who thrive in a collaborative atmosphere will appreciate our low-ratio classes, where they are paired with a coach and one other student for weekly one-hour lessons.

Private Scratch coding lessons

Our private Code Coaches are highly skilled and teach at the pace set by the students. Rather than racing through a curriculum, our coaches ensure students have a strong grasp of the subject matter and coding concepts before moving on.

Scratch Camps

The Scratch camps are great for students who enjoy a more immersive experience with other kids. There’s no requirement for previous experience to join a Scratch camp. This one is for absolute beginners who are ready to dig into the world of computer programming.

The Benefits of Hands-On STEM Learning

At theCoderSchool, we know how much easier it is to learn by doing, which is why we promote hands-on learning through our programs. STEM in particular is best learned through tangible experiences, and coding is no different.

When young programmers enroll in theCoderSchool, they not only come away with more computer confidence, but they also gain strong logical thinking skills that can translate to any career. Beyond logic, students also learn to collaborate and think creatively to solve problems.

Scratch Programming for Kids FAQs

Is Scratch coding easy?

Compared to other more advanced programming languages, Scratch is one of the easier coding languages to learn. Unlike written languages such as Python, Scratch uses color-coded blocks that make the learning highly visual and therefore easier to grasp.

What are the benefits of Scratch coding?

Scratch coding sets the groundwork for a student to explore programming concepts beyond the basics. Students who learn Scratch often go on to pick up more complex languages such as Python and Javascript.

What resources are available for learning Scratch?

One great way to support your student as they learn is by joining the Scratch online community on the Scratch website. This is a great online platform that helps answer common questions, see what others have built with the language, and get ideas for Scratch projects.

Should my kid learn Scratch or Python?

A beginner coder should learn Scratch, which is a more visual language than Python. After gaining the basics, Python is the next best language for your child to learn.

Find a Scratch Class Near You

Finding a great after-school program or summer camp isn’t easy, but theCoderSchool offers a great opportunity for your child to be challenged and to learn a tangible new skill. The first step is to find kids coding schools near you to explore how we can help your child tap into an interest in computer science.

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