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Camp Stats

  • Ages 10+
  • Instructor Ratio: 6:1 (typical)
  • Skill Level: Beg/Int
  • Prerequisites: Some experience preferred but not necessary
  • Platforms: Trinket, Repl.it, others
  • Camp Description

    Who’s ready for some PYTHON! Sounds a little gross, like a giant snake right? But it’s actually one of the hottest languages around today. Take advantage of the easy-to-read style of coding while picking up on one of the most popular languages today for professional and beginner coders alike. We’ll start out by using an online python platform to learn some basics and practice some fundamental concepts, and time permitting and based on our camper skill set, we may jump on to some more complex Python coding, potentially getting into coding with PyGame.

    Teaching Platform

    Python Startup Coding Camp at theCoderSchool Python is a crazy awesome language! One of the most popular languages today, Python allows beginners to easily read and understand the code while providing an almost endless supply of libraries and supporting systems to develop things from websites to backend servers to data scripts and yes, even a particular version of Minecraft! Depending on the student skill level, we’ll likely start with online coding platforms like Trinket or Pixelpad.io, and may extend into pure Python coding and local machine development, time (and skill) permitting.

    Concepts Learned

    Our Python camp really focuses on – you guessed it – Python! Campers will gain general skills like problem solving, teamwork, code debugging, and perhaps most importantly, all campers will learn and practice the logical thinking skills required to program a computer at any level! In addition campers will gain experience in:
  • An introduction to a typed language, for those who have only used Scratch
  • Python syntax (loops, variable, structure, etc)
  • Function calls
  • Cartesian Coordinates through Python (Trinket)
  • and More!
  • Skill Level

    Because Python is a purely typed language, we require that our campers have some typing experience. Slow typers are likely to get frustrated with the experience, and potentially focus too much on typing rather than coding. Python experience isn’t required, but general logic and problem-solving solving skills will be needed to help with understanding the basic coding concepts and help them to learn all they can. As always, if your camper is a regular Coder School student, be sure to check with us first, as sometimes this material is covered in more detailed in our regular after-school Coaching sessions.
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