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Why Small Class Sizes Are Important

If there’s one thing that is often overlooked when it comes to instruction, it’s class size. A lot of people don’t even realize that there is a greater benefit to the student when smaller class sizes are in effect, rather than the large 20-something average you find in most public K-12 classes. In large universities, you’ll find even bigger classes! But here’s why these small classes matter so much:

1. More one-on-one attention.

It can be difficult to pin-point where to even begin with large classes, and most times, the students won’t get the same level of face-to-face conversation and guidance that they need in a large room. In a smaller class, your questions get a considerable amount of time for detailed answers. Should you be having a hard time with a concept, the instructor has the time and the ability to tailor the lecture or lesson on the spot and help you or your classmate grasp what you had both previously missed.

2. You get to know your classmates better.

Believe it or not, getting to know the person you’re learning alongside is extremely beneficial to your learning; not everyone learns the same, so you may take away something that your classmate didn’t, or vice versa, and not only does this give you a teaching or learning moment, but it also makes it possible for every student to succeed.

3. Less distractions and disruptions.

It’s hard to keep an eye on a classroom full of over 30 students, and we’d bet money that there are some that aren’t interested, and don’t want to learn. Those students will find a way to entertain themselves, and, like a wave, send disruption throughout the room. In a smaller class, a teacher can ask each student individually what they’re thinking, how they got to a certain conclusion, etc.

4. Your classroom becomes a community.

Due to the smaller numbers, you can turn to anyone and ask a question, and everyone will be able to leave input without the other person getting drowned out. Class discussions and debates are an important part of learning, and with less people occupying the room, the involvement of each student goes up.

Small class sizes are a blessing, through grades K-12 and all the way up to Graduate School, it’s been proven over and over again how good they are for learning, increasing moral, confidence, and overall grades and work quality. Once you start taking classes with a limited headcount, we promise you won’t want it any other way ever again!

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