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Reasons to Embrace Math

There’s a myth that’s as old as the idea of school itself that says you have to have a special gift to be good at mathematics; that your brain needs to be one-sided and that math is just plain hard. Well, that’s not entirely true. A lot of students have fears when it comes to numbers, and that’s okay; we just need to learn to embrace it! We have put together a list of reasons to keep on doing math — reasons why it’s not scary and how to make it easier. Keep on reading!

#1. Math is in everything!

Have you ever baked or cooked anything? Maybe you’ve used a ruler to measure out fabric, or a protractor to trace a perfect circle? Adding three-fourths cup of butter to a mountain of chocolate chips and a flour concoction isn’t just the recipe for chocolate chip cookies; it’s math — all of it!

#2. Math shows.

They make a lot — and we mean a LOT — of TV shows for students, to help them grasp concepts they might have otherwise found difficult. Cyberchase is probably one of the biggest ones out there; they had seasons upon seasons of material, and it covered basic math all the way up to Algebra and Geometry.

#3. Ditch the negativity!

We know it’s hard, but when it comes to math and your perception of it, a positive outlook is definitely going to help. Don’t say you’re “bad” at math, because you’re not! Everyone can conquer the subject once they find their learning curve. It could be something as simple as needing a different teaching style and a different teacher, or maybe you’re just more hands on, rather than visual. Experiment. You got this.

#4. Teach someone else!

Ironically, we oftentimes don’t understand something until we need to teach it to someone else. Grab a classmate who’s struggling, or even grab your parent or guardian, and teach them what you learned.

#5. Make a game or a song out of something that needs remembered.

It might seem silly, but if you take time to place a tune along with an equation or a formula, you can recall it much easier than you would if you just forced yourself to memorize it.

Math can be a challenge to some, but it doesn’t have to make you miserble. Are there other ways to make it fun? Let us know in the comments!

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