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20 Songs to Listen to While Studying

There are thousands of ways to study; some do it in chunks with timed and manageable breaks, others cram it all into one hour, and some have zany, yet effective, ways to get the brain juices going. Everyone’s style is different. Whatever way you study, there is oftentimes music involved, right?  That’s because music actually helps you retain more information! It has to do with triggering certain centers of the brain that help you absorb all that scholarly goodness. There are some music types that hinder studying, too, so it’s important to remember the kinds of music that are good for this specific task: lyricless. (This is something that applies to a lot of people, but not to all!) The types of lyricless — or instrumental — music are just about as vast as other genres with lyrics in them, so finding the right one might be hard, but many streaming music apps and websites have pre-made lists for you to browse! Don’t worry; we know it’s overwhelming, so we’re here to offer up our top twenty list of songs that are perfect for study time.

Before we get into that, you should know that you have the ability to choose between instrumental, ambient, and nature noises! Instrumental is pretty self explanatory: you have a song typically played by one instrument — a piano or an acoustic guitar — with gentle rhythms and melodies. (Our list also includes a violin sonata or two.) Ambient music is done almost completely electronically with no real pattern, and is used specifically to enhance emotions. Nature noises are, well, nature noises. That being said, here we go:

#1. Welcome Home by Sigriour

#2. The Watchtower by Sigimund

#3. Iles de la Madeleine by Tommy Berre

#4. Gotham (acoustic) by Claes Nilsson

#5. The Ludlows by Cristopher Varela

#6. Literally anything by Bach.

#7. Serenade: IV by Leanard Bernstein

#8. Road Movies I by John Adams

#9. Scottish Fantasy, OP:46.1 by Max Bruch

#10. Oblivion by Gidon Kremer

#11. Trancemission Four by Delta Rain Dance

#12. See by TENGGER

#13. Walking in a spiral towards th house: Side C by Nivhek

#14. Everything All at Once by G Jones

#15. Badlands Train by Stubbleman

#16. Rhapsody in Green by Mort Garson

#17. Nevergreen by Emancipator

#18. Nest by Justin Nozuka

#19. Second Sun by Bonobo

#20. A Spark, A Beginning by Corre

Note: When it come to nature noises (you’ll notice we don’t have any listed here) that just about anything will do; a thunderstorm, a light rain shower, wind in the grass, crickets, the ocean, a stream… You see where we’re going with this? If you like to study to the music of Mother Earth, then you will just have to pick a sound and go from there! There are no “top favorites” in nature!

Let us know in the comments what songs get you in the studying mood!

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