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When Programming Errors Lead To Video Game Glitches

Not everyone is perfect, including our friendly neighborhood video game developers, who sometimes don’t catch the programming errors in a game during test plays before it’s released to the public. Programming is hard, and these glitches can result in some seriously funny and downright inexplicable occurrences. Here are our favorite glitches from video games that were all due to programming errors:

1. Madden NFL 15’s “Tiny Man”

This glitch resulted in a Browns linebacker being turned into a Thumbelina version of himself, but with all the speed, strength, and agility of his original size. The game creators rolled with the glitch, though, and even kept the mini player model after fixing the problem.

2. Big Rigs

The game itself is notorious for glitches; one of which is when a big 18-wheeler zaps itself through a bridge, hugs a mountain, and then speeds up to an unmentionable speed before crashing the game entirely.

3. The Sims games

Earlier versions of the game were known to glitch out, from smoking body parts to vanishing furniture. One of the most recent glitches that sparked an array of giggles is the “monster baby,” in which a baby character is only a flesh-colored Picasso collage.

4. Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow’s “MissingNo. Trick”

This “Pokémon” was used in a training video, to help teach you how to catch a Pokémon. After talking to the Old Man, who will so wonderfully teach you the catching ways, you’ll run into a wild “Missingno,” which is a nameless Pokemon glitch that can either duplicate items or delete your entire saved game — it was a 50-50 chance.

5. Super Smash Brothers Melee’s Master Hand

It took eight years of thinking that it was impossible to play as the infamous Master Hand, but then the glitch was found!

6. Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow’s Mew Finding

That’s right, you can catch an actual Mew with this glitch, with no extra mods or special work on your part.

7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08

There is a specific glitch in this game in which Woods walks on water to get a better shot. It got so much attention, that EA Games had to address it publicly.

There are many glitches in the video game world, because it’s very complex to make them and oversee every single aspect of it once it’s been released. Sometimes, but glitches are frustrating, but most times, they’re just fun. What other glitches have you experienced? Let us know in the comments!

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