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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home Study Area

It’s time to say goodbye to frigid temperatures and blowing snow and welcome warm sunshine and tranquil breezes. Spring is the time of year that marks new beginnings, so it makes perfect sense to shake off the chill of winter and put your best foot forward. And can you really say you’re giving the world your best if your study area looks like it endured a blizzard or two over the past few months? We’re going to help you clean up your act and make your study area look as pristine as a freshly bloomed tulip.

Clean but don’t overwhelm yourself

If your study area isn’t too cluttered or untidy, this section doesn’t apply to you. However, if your home study area is an absolute disaster, please take note. When attempting to spring clean your study area, or anything else for that matter, don’t overwhelm yourself. Make a cleaning plan and take your time. If your spring-cleaning efforts encompass a day, or two, or even three don’t fret. Just get the job done right.

Declutter and organize

More clutter equals more distractions and when you’re trying to be serious about your work, distractions are your worst enemy. Remove the unnecessary trinkets and decorations that do nothing more than sway your focus and only add items that won’t act as the proverbial shiny object. Furthermore, get rid of piles of paperwork and books and organize them in a file cabinet or bookshelf. Try to have a system so you can find important papers. The toss to the side and forget them method will only serve to frustrate you in the future.


This is spring cleaning, after all, so the actual cleaning part does have to occur. While you are decluttering and organizing, break out the vacuum, broom and dust cloth. Before adding items back to your study area, make sure everything is tidy and dust free. Vacuum around (and under) your desk and try to deep clean. You want to welcome in this beautiful time of year with a beautiful study area.

Add some life and color

Although you don’t want too many distractions, you also don’t want your study nook to feel drab and boring. After you have completed your cleaning, decluttering and organizing efforts, add a bit of color with a painting or a vibrant vase of flowers. You want to set an upbeat mood before and during your study time. The quest for knowledge doesn’t have to dull and colorless.


If it fits into your budget, a new desk or computer can really give your study efforts a nice morale boost. You can also spruce up your study area without breaking the bank. A nice used bookshelf or cool vintage lamp can provide a new look on a budget. Just remember to keep your new and old equipment and furniture clean.


Once everything is clean and ready to roll for countless successful study sessions, do your best to maintain. Set a weekly time to dust and vacuum. Additionally, consider continually organizing so the next time you decide to perform a deep clean, you won’t have nearly as much work. You’ll thank yourself.

A clean study area won’t guarantee an A+, but it can at least make your work more pleasurable. So, don’t be afraid to bring out your cleaning supplies and get to work. We’ll give you an A+ for effort.

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