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4 Tech-Savvy Skills to Learn

It’s no secret that having technical savvy can go a long way in furthering your career or helping you land a job. But do you know which skills can set you apart from the competition and improve your chances of being a superstar at work? You are about to discover four vital areas you need to master to become the envy of coworkers and the apple of your boss’s eye. You’ll even impress yourself.

Keyboard shortcuts

Your mouse can come in handy, but don’t let that little gadget get in the way of increased efficiency and productivity. It’s time to reduce your mouse habit and learn the secret most advanced computer users know, keyboard shortcuts are awesome. You probably already know shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (well hopefully anyway) but there is a whole tech-savvy world filled with shortcuts you haven’t even imagined. Research and discover the plethora of keyboard shortcuts that will make your mouse almost seem unnecessary.


Even if you consider yourself a bit technologically challenged, you can learn how to code. It may seem intimidating but it’s not when you find the right teacher. An excellent coding school can set you on a path to learning the ins and outs of creating incredible apps and software. And if you’re not interested in discovering the next big thing in mobile applications, having at least a basic understanding of code can help you become a better business owner or employee.

Microsoft Office

Like it or not, most office workers will need to delve into the productivity staple known as MS Office. For instance: When your boss wants a stellar presentation on your newest project, what do you turn to? PowerPoint. Did your coworker just send you a file filled with raw data? It’s time to open Excel. Oh, and speaking of that email you received from your coworker, you probably used MS Outlook to open it. You don’t have to be an expert at Office, but in today’s working environment, having at least an intermediate grasp is vital. If you feel uncomfortable learning Office on your own, find an instructor or school that can help educate you on this important software solution.

Improved typing

In the past, typing was a nice skill to have, in our present day, it’s a must. But it’s a skill we tend to learn and then fail to hone as time passes by. Don’t allow this to occur. Improving your typing speed, and accuracy can skyrocket your productivity. Admit it, how many times have you backtracked because you made an error in your presentation or article? Maybe, you still need to look at your keyboard from time to time. There are classes, apps and even games that can break you free from mediocre typing and help you become a keyboard master.

With an investment in time, and a little effort, you can master these four vital skills. Just be forewarned, once you do, you’ll be in high demand. Hopefully you won’t forget the little people.

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