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Most Common Computer Languages

In our modern day and age you’ve probably heard computer code jargon thrown around in conversation. No matter your demographic or location, code surrounds everyone. There are many different programming languages that are used to write the websites you visit, the apps you use, and the social media platforms where you get your daily dog and cat videos. Code is written to help guide your computer carry out functions. In this article we will discuss and explain the most common computer languages.


Java is a programming language that your computer reads to run programs, applications, and websites. Once the most popular enterprise (or business-oriented) language, Java is often the language of choice for AP Computer Science courses in high school.  Careers in Java include computer scientists, software developers, game designers, and application developers. If you have used an ATM recently, the machine was probably running off of Java.


Swift, a language developed by Apple, is most commonly used for iOS or Apple apps on your iPhone or iPad.  Apple products and apps are extremely prevalent now and will be for many years to come. Like Java, Swift has a steep learning curve but once you learn the foundation it will become easier to understand.

Ruby On Rails:

Ruby on Rails is a great language to learn because the basics are easier to grasp for coders. Big websites like Soundcloud, Airbnb, and the streaming service Twitch TV. Ruby is a free software that allows users to make suggestions and improvements to the software itself. Ruby is a common platform to make E-commerce websites and stores, which is useful because individuals are becoming more accustomed to using their phones instead of their desktops when making purchases.


The beauty of this language is that it runs within almost every website you will use. Your browser has Javascript running in the background during normal day-to-day tasks. Javascript helps run HTML and CSS on your browser to make the user experience better. This language can tell servers like Twitter to open up a tweet in a bigger window. Important functions such as subscribing to a businesses profile or being able to view others comments in a thread are run by this language.


When studying computer information sciences in college, most introductory courses are using Python to teach coding at a base level. Although the code is easily taught, it is very powerful. Python can build websites, apps, and also host servers like DropBox. Websites that have used Python’s infrastructure to run their platforms include: Spotify, Google, and Instagram.

How do these compare with other languages?  Check out the TIOBE Index, a graph showing relative popularity of various languages, including some trends over time.

 TIOBE's index of popular languages. TIOBE’s index of popular languages.

The beauty of learning coding is that you can choose whichever path interests you. Learning the tools of the trade will open up a blank canvas for your creativity and drive to create something to help others. According to Wired in the article “The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding,” the national average salary for coders is $81,000. The coding market is also expected to expand by 12% by 2024. Becoming familiar with these five programming languages at a young age will will set your child far apart from students who do not have prior experience.

By Hansel

Hansel is the Founder & CEO of theCoderSchool and has been at the heart of it ever since its inception in 2013.


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