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Coding Schools – growth path to the Future

It’s no surprise that in Glassdoor’s analysis of the Best Jobs in the US that 20 out of the 50 careers are in coding or computer programming. Jobs in the technology sector are still very prominent within the United States even with outsourcing of IT services to other countries. Glassdoor takes into consideration the number of openings within the United States, the median base salary, and satisfaction rate.

Burning Glass Technologies recently released a report with statistics that support Glassdoor’s findings. They found that jobs that pay in the top income quartile (more than $57,000 annually) require applicants to have an understanding of computer programming language. Additionally, jobs with a progressive career track pay up to $22,000 more on average than jobs that do not require coding skills. This report backs up the claim that having coding knowledge will set you apart from other applications in most industries. The expected growth for jobs for software developers is 24 percent by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Algeria is taking a very positive approach to its above average unemployment rate. In the article “Algeria Is Tackling Unemployment With Their First Coding School” from The New Web, the company Code213 is combating the problem. The company is a sister company of Paris-based programming school that has seen success teaching individuals around the globe how to learn computer code. Code213 teaches their students classes ranging from how to manage WordPress websites, data sciences, and digital project management. The approach is a hands-on process called “learning-by-doing” instead of sitting in on lectures and webinars. After the completion of this six month program, students will get the opportunity to intern with businesses that Code213 partners with. The company is focused on grassroots growth within their own community. Students who complete the six month program are required to host an introduction to coding seminar for children. Their goal is to spark interest with kids at a young age in hopes of “drawing on the ambitions of Algerian youth.”

TheCoderSchool also offers a unique approach to how we educate our students. In other coding schools, students are put in classrooms or webinars where the there’s a one-size-fits-all curriculum.  At theCoderSchool, we offer coding classes where the ratio of students to teachers is 2:1. This means that our students will have a customized approach to whatever their interests are. For example, we have students at age 10 creating wonderful games and apps. It is easy to see the joy of every student creating their own game and being able to share it with their fellow students and family.

The rise of coding will be more apparent in an age where individuals grow from consumers to creators and influencers. Learning the language of code will feel like becoming fluent in another language before traveling to that country. We strongly believe that teaching kids at a young age through game and app development grabs their attention early. A fun atmosphere paired with passionate and engaging teachers sets our curriculum apart from other schools. We take pride in how we teach and testimonials from our customers are outstanding.

Visit our website to learn more information and sign your little coder up for their first free lesson. If interested in the full history of coding and computer programming, try this.

Hansel is the Founder & CEO of theCoderSchool and has been at the heart of it ever since its inception in 2013.

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