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Coding Classes for Kids – The Python Programming Language

Coding Classes for Kids – The Python Programming Language Picking a programming language for your child to study can be tough. They probably don’t have a great feel for what the entire coding experience is going to be like. So maybe they start off with something very visual, like Scratch. They learn the basics and… Continue reading Coding Classes for Kids – The Python Programming Language

Scratch Coding: What is it & Why Does it Work For Kids 8+

Scratch Dashboard

Scratch Coding: What Is it & Why Does it Work For Kids 8+ Want to introduce your child to the world of coding? Scratch is a programming language built for kids and beginner coders to teach them the basics of coding.  Kids who learn Scratch can create their own interactive stories and games while better… Continue reading Scratch Coding: What is it & Why Does it Work For Kids 8+

6 Tips to Ace Your Next Test

A multi-ethnic group of high school students are indoors in their classroom. They are working with tablet computers during technology class.

Do you have a big test coming up? It’s normal to feel nervous. After all, if test taking were a breeze, they wouldn’t call it a “test.” However, there are ways to increase your confidence… and your chances of scoring a good grade. The best part is that these ideas aren’t difficult to implement at… Continue reading 6 Tips to Ace Your Next Test

What Exactly is Coding?

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script on silhouette of

We’ve discussed the endless possibilities that arise from learning to code, and how fun it is to learn.  You’ve probably seen the power of coding every day on the internet, in the video games you play, and in the technology segments that play during the news, but maybe you’re still not quite clear of one… Continue reading What Exactly is Coding?

Next Level Coding: 10 Fun Video Games for Coders

Close up of Hand over wireless Game Mouse on dark background ; The finger ready to click

Learning about coding will give you the tools to make a video game, but did you know playing games can teach you to code? It’s true! While some may simply contain stories inspired by the world of coding, others teach players how to code with problem solving, critical thinking, and of course fun. Ever since… Continue reading Next Level Coding: 10 Fun Video Games for Coders

7 Tips to Keep Your Workspace Organized

Shot of a computer on a desk in a modern office

Think of your brain as a storage unit. While it grows with every day that passes, it still can only contain so much information at once. When you’re working on something difficult, a lot is required from your brain. So, while you’re struggling to figure out an error you made in a sequence, you don’t… Continue reading 7 Tips to Keep Your Workspace Organized

6 Hacks to Keep Your Computer Clean

Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Cleaning The Desktop Screen With Yellow Rag In Office

The moment you begin your journey into the world of coding, you learn that the computer you use is your best friend. Sure, it can act up sometimes, and the occasional bug or two might make life hard for you, but programming languages are nothing without the machines we need to talk to. That’s why… Continue reading 6 Hacks to Keep Your Computer Clean

Is Coding Fun?

Close-up of female freelancer's hands typing on keyboard and working on laptop from home office

If you hear a statistic like “58% of parents feel that coding and programming is the most beneficial skill to their child’s future,” you’d assume coding is boring. Let’s be honest, anytime we’re told something is “beneficial” to our future we think of work or something we must do. Coding is one of the few… Continue reading Is Coding Fun?

Can Coding Make You Smarter?

Light bulb with brain inside the hands of the businessman. The concept of the business idea.

    Popular media has given audiences the perception that coders are mega geniuses, sitting in a basement, locked away from the rest of the world as they type away furiously in a stained t-shirt. For the most case, this isn’t true… In all reality, computer programmers and the other people who use coding on… Continue reading Can Coding Make You Smarter?

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