6 Hacks to Keep Your Computer Clean

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The moment you begin your journey into the world of coding, you learn that the computer you use is your best friend. Sure, it can act up sometimes, and the occasional bug or two might make life hard for you, but programming languages are nothing without the machines we need to talk to.

That’s why you should treat your computer with the same attention as you would a pet. You don’t have to walk it, of course, but you do need to keep it clean.

Cleaning your computer is easy, and we’ve provided a few hacks to help make it even easier.

1. Purging Files

Duplicate and unnecessary files can slow down your computer, which in turn, slows down your work. Instead of sifting through every single file looking for ones to delete, you should utilize a trusted file cleanup program or the Windows Disk Cleanup already installed on Windows OS.

2. Cleaning Your Keyboard

It’s all too common for people to chow down at their computer, and there’s really no issue unless it gets in the way of your work. There shouldn’t be crumbs so big that they’re making it impossible to press the “F” key on your keyboard.

Compressed air cans work best, but you can use a small fan or hair dryer as well. If you really want to get creative, you can put the end of a condiment bottle on top of a vacuum hose and get the crumbs out that way.

After removing the crumbs from your keyboard, it’s a good idea to clean the keys with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol you can also use mouthwash.

3. DIY Screen Cleaner

Keeping your screen clean will make it easier to see your work and prevents you from getting distracted by dark smudges. You could buy screen cleaner or just make your own using one-half white vinegar and one-half water.

4. Wipes That Won’t Scratch

Once you have your solution, you’ll want to use a something to wipes your screen that isn’t too coarse since that can leave scratches. A coffee filter or dryer sheet can get the job done.

5. Cleaning Your Mousepad

A dirty mousepad slows down your mouse and can get gross looking after a while. You can hand wash it with soap but there’s an even easier solution: throw it in with your laundry. As long as it’s washed in cold water and left to air dry it will be fine.

6. Cleaning a Laptop

Laptops are typically more fragile than desktop computers, so care should be taken to ensure their safety when cleaning them. Using nail polish remover works well for laptops with brightly colored surfaces. Magic Eraser sponges also work, but they should be used lightly and on laptops that have a more heavy-duty construction.

Remember to always unplug your desktops and monitors before you clean them to avoid any permanent damage to the devices. You don’t have to clean your computer every day, or even every week, but a good cleaning is necessary every so often.

Computers give coders the power to make their ideas and projects come to life. A clean computer is a happy one, and happy computers mean happy coders.

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By Hansel

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