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Hey Palo Alto, welcome to theCoderSchool!  Located smack in the middle of some of the best engineering talent and companies in the world, our school has Code Coaches™ and programs ready and waiting to get your next generation ready.

Coder School is a new kind of after school coding program that focuses on the individuality of each student, customizing our teachings depending on their skills and the desires. From graphical languages like Snap or Scratch to more powerful stuff like Python or Javascript and even the advanced coding like Java and C++, we're ready to inspire you and amaze you.  Drop us a line or swing by to find out more!

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Our Programs

Code Coaching®

Customized learning with a 2:1 instructor ratio

App Team

Social group sessions and a quarterly presentation at our Coder Fair

Code Class

Traditional class setting to get your feet wet slowly

Summer Camp

Coding fun for the summer for some great exposure to technology
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Contact Us

theCoderSchool 3441 Alma Street, #150
Palo Alto, CA 94306


Hours of Operation
2-8pm Mon,Wed
3-8pm Tue,Thu
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10-2pm Saturdays


Meet the Staff

Hi everyone!  My name is Felix and I'm the General Manager at theCoderSchool Palo Alto.  I'm excited to be helping the next generation learn to code, and learn to think like a coder!  While working as an engineer, I taught middle school to high school kids for over 17 years on the side and found the passion to teach and tutor.  I began my interest in coding at 11 (pretty early, at that time!) and eventually went on to get a degree in Electrical Engineering from San Jose State.  If I would have had a good mentor back when I was young, I would have been a CS major instead of an electrical engineer for sure!  I can be reached at

When you swing into our school, you'll probably run into one of our two Coding Coordinators, Steve or Olga, who man the front desk..   They'll be happy to help explain our programs, change your schedule, or just chat about anything you feel like - so hit 'em up!


Featured App

Check out this Python application by our very own 12 yo Thomas, who re-created  one of the most classic games of all time, Tic-Tac-Toe. He used the trinket platform for his Python coding, Works really well so if you want to play a game  of tic-tac-toe, give his game a shot. Great job, Thomas!

Click "Run" to play the game, click the three lines in the upper left and choose "Full Screen" if you want it larger.  Feel free to play with the code,  share, remix, whatever - the code will run right here in the window!