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Hey super-parent! We're happy you're looking for options to get your kids learning to code. It's SUCH an amazing skill to learn and will help your kids in more ways than you can imagine! We're super excited to be bringing Silicon Valley's #1 kids coding program to the area to help your kids get going, so read on and let's get our kids coding!

At theCoderSchool, we want to do more than just teach coding. We want aspiring coders to use their new found passion as a stepping stone to thinking outside the box, as a way to channel their ideas in a creative way and most importantly, to have fun. Interested? Fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly to tell you more! 

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Our Programs

Our bread and butter is our weekly after-school programs, run throughout the year. Coding takes practice, and we believe getting kids to code consistently throughout the year is the only way they'll really learn to code! Check out our programs below, and be sure to check with us for more details!

Code Coaching®

Our core program teaches kids in a customized and engaging way, with a super-small 2:1 instructor ratio.

App Team

Our premium program combines Code Coaching with group sessions, and a presentation at our Coder Fairs.

Code Class

We also offer traditional larger ratio classes where students build various games using our fun curriculum.

Coding Camps

During the summer and other breaks, we offer weekly camps with a different theme for different ages.
(ready for a free trial? contact us!)
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Summer Camp Hours
9am-3pm Mon-Fri

Meet the Owner

<hello world!> my name is caroline and I am the general manager of theCoderSchool natick. I graduated from boston university with a concentration in accounting. currently, I work for an asset management company as a financial systems project manager. however, my most rewarding role is mom to my kids!

how did I get here? I have been looking to do something meaningful and more fulfilling. I was interested in starting something on my own, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. so I thought maybe a franchise would help me through the process. I knew I definitely want to work with children. I’m always so amazed at how incredibly bright they are, and at such a young age! I am a big supporter of enrichment programs. just ask my older two what they haven’t been signed up for. I had googled ‘enrichment program + franchise’ and browsed through some of the results. then I landed on ’theCoderSchool’ and I knew that this was it! I am very excited to start this next adventure!

“why do you like coding?” I asked my oldest the question. he responded, “I don’t know… cause it’s cool.” of course it is! my oldest probably knows how to code better than me. he started learning to code using Scratch a few years ago. this was at a summer camp and every year since then, he has requested to go back there to learn more coding. he really enjoys it and he has fun while he’s learning. what more could you ask for as a parent? I had wished that these type of instructions were offered when school was in session. now, my wish has come true! welcome to theCoderSchool natick where you can code all year round! if you have any questions, please contact me at

(ready for a free trial? contact us!)