VR – Where Is It Now and Where Is It Headed?

Why High-Quality 2D Games Sell Much Better Than High-Quality 3D Games- And Why There’s A Lack Of Them

Advanced Machine Learning Techniques: Principal Component Analysis

By Camille D., Age 17 This article will focus on a method data scientists and programmers use to make data easier to explore, visualize, and interpret data, called principal component analysis (PCA). The explanations in this article assume some background in linear algebra and statistics. PCA is based on dimensionality reduction: “the process of reducing […]

How Face Filters and Face Recognition Work

By Mira B., Age 14 Many people use social media apps such as Instagram or Snapchat, which have face filters for people to take and post pictures of themselves. But many people do not realize how these filters are created and the technology behind how they fit people’s faces almost perfectly. The mechanics behind face […]