Who We Are

Hansel and Wayne open School #3!

Hansel and Wayne open School #3!

Like many folks, we believe that coding is our future, and all kids should learn to code.  Our approach to teaching revolves around an ongoing relationship with an experienced Code Coach®, a mentor for each student to guide them through the wide world of tech. Our approach to our schools is based on a local community, family-oriented style, where kids feel at ease with their friends and coaches, have fun, and learn at the same time.  Our approach to the business is to do what's best for the customer - the parents - by focusing on providing value and creating relationships.

We're proudly self-funded, with organic expansion plans for the foreseeable future.  Because who wants investors pressuring us to make money before the time is right?  We're driven by two down-to-earth, approachable owners who have been best friends for decades.  Because who wants a hierarchy of CEO's and COO's trying to blow out 100 schools at the expense of quality?

We're parents ourselves, so we want to do you right.  Have a problem with your Code Coach®?  We'll find you a better match.  Sick and can't make it?  We'll get you a makeup lesson.  Did we screw something up?  We'll apologize profusely and get you an appropriate refund.  See more about who we are below, and don't hesitate to contact us for any reason!

Hansel Lynn (Founder/Franchising)

Hansel has worked at various high tech companies ranging from Nuance Communications (the people behind Siri) and Accenture (the people behind 100 hour work weeks), and graduated from WashU in St. Louis with a Comp Sci degree.  Need someone on your small business panel?  Hansel's happy to do it, having spoken at various small business events.  He’s fluent in Cantonese, can fake it with Mandarin, and is an avid runner, having finished ultra-running’s premier event, the Western States 100 miler. Hansel currently lives in Palo Alto with his uber-supportive wife Lisa and three awesome kids.  Hansel is responsible for company strategy, branding, and franchising, and can be reached at hansel@thecoderschool.com.

Hansel Lynn

Wayne Teng (Owner/Operations)

Wayne graduated from WashU in St. Louis (same as Hansel so it must be the best university in the world) with an EE degree and also has a masters in computer engineering from the University of Southern California. He has a vast amount of software experience in both large companies such as  Oracle, TRW Space & Defense, and Cambridge Technology Partners as well as many smaller start-ups ranging from 2-200 employees. He played varsity tennis at WashU and still enjoys it as well as other sports such as golf and basketball, but rarely gets to play. Wayne currently lives in San Mateo with his wife Winnie and two daughters, Ella and Emma. Wayne is responsible for operations and curriculum, and can be reached at wayne@thecoderschool.com.

Wayne Teng

Our Franchise Owners

We pride ourselves in partnering with passionately awesome franchise owners who can make magic happen in their own community.  Opening a Coder School not only rewards the sharp entrepreneur, but will help get kids in your community ready for the future.  Ready to check us out?  Head to our franchising page! 

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