First, thanks for buying our book!  If you’ve gotten to the last chapter, you might be looking for some code to download.  If so, here you go!  Click each file to download to your computer – be sure you know where files are being downloaded, so you can find them later (it usually goes to your standard “Downloads” folder).

Now that you have your files, head back to the book and follow the steps from there.

Having trouble?  Here’s some common issues you might run into, hope it helps!

  1. When I click on the link to download a file, nothing happens.
    Some older browsers may not automatically download the file. Instead, you can right-click the link, and choose “Save Link As” or “Save As”, and save your file that way. Be sure you remember where you save the file so you can upload it later to the web host.
  2. I’ve downloaded the files, but don’t know how to upload them to my web host.
    Every web host is a little different, so you’ll need to dig in a little to the one you’ve signed up with. Every host has a way for you to upload files from your computer to the host – often called a File Manager. FTP is another way you can get files onto your host.
    What is a public_html folder? By default, a web host puts their files for public viewing into a folder called public_html. Most servers use this folder as the base folder to put files.
  3. I’ve uploaded the code files but get a 404 Not Found error when I go to my URL.
    This usually means the files aren’t in the right location. Remember that the web server will search for a file named “index.html” – be sure that file exists, and is the in the public_html folder.
  4. The website shows up, but I can’t add any new locations.
    Usually this is a permissions problem. Log into your web host and make sure you have “write permissions” to both the public_html directory, as well as locationfile.txt (if that exists).
  5. I edited the code, and now the website doesn’t work any more!
    Classic coding problem! Many coders use a “version control” system that allows them to go back to a previous version. Unfortunately, we don’t use one here with this simple site – your best bet is to start over. Download all 5 files again, and upload them again to your host, overwriting all your changes.