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5 Things to Do Before School Starts

The new school year is almost here, which means it’s time to prepare and get back into your academic habits. If enjoying your summer break has resulted in you postponing your preparations until the last minute, you’re not alone. Here are some things that will help you be ready for the new year:

Read through your syllabi

Chances are, your teachers have made their syllabi for their courses available well ahead of the new academic year. The first step in being prepared for these new classes is to read through these documents and become familiarized with the schedule, concepts you’ll be learning, and the expectations your teacher will have of you.

Review notes from last year

Too often, students will leave their previous learnings in the past. This only puts you at a disadvantage in your new classes. Going to school is all about building on what you’ve learned, so make a point to spend part of your day reviewing older notes, lesson documents, and tests so you can put your best foot forward this year.

Pick out school supplies you like

There are countless supply options available to students nowadays. It’s a much better option to spend a little extra money on supplies that you like and will last than it is to get cheaper materials that will wear out quickly. If you have all of the materials you’ll need to help you make sense of the content you’ll be learning, you’ll be more likely to receive great grades.

Make sure your summer assignments are completed

Some courses require that you read certain books or complete certain assignments before the course starts. If your teacher has assigned a project like this, there’s a reason. If you want to be on solid footing at the beginning of your course, make sure that this work is done and that you have questions prepared for discussion once the class starts.

Evaluate your wardrobe

There’s a reason there’s a season for school clothes shopping. Bodies change and clothing wears out, so take some time soon to double check that you have all the apparel you’ll need to be comfortable and successful this year. If your school has a dress code, make sure the items you’ll be wearing align with it.

The summer holiday is almost over, so once you feel well-prepared for the new academic year, enjoy the rest of your break. It’s important that you begin your classes with a clear and focused mindset. Enjoy the summer and good luck!

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