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5 Underrated Skills Programming Teaches

While knowing how to code is a skill that will get your foot in the door of a great career, there are other soft skills your studies will teach you that will help you become a more well-rounded person and team member. Coding is more than just a technical skill; it is a basis for becoming a knowledgeable and intuitive creator. The key to expressing this is to realize and incorporate these soft skills into your endeavors:


Empathy is about more than understanding other people’s feelings and emotions. It also includes the ability to understand a person’s goals, intentions, and needs. This information is vitally important for you to understand when you begin a new project so that you can produce your best work (and perhaps make a solid professional connection along the way).


This one is a core soft skill that coding teaches. When you try to interpret or express information through written code, you adopt an analytical mindset that exercises your logic faculties on a regular basis. This will make you an even better problem-solver, both inside and outside of your coding projects.

Attention to detail

Knowing how to code requires you to understand how to create a comprehensive product, accounting for all of the small details that make a user’s experience as seamless and positive as possible. Learning this skill will also reaffirm your ability to notice errors and implement long-term solutions in correcting them.


Understanding coding provides you with an expansive toolbox that you can use to express creative ideas through programs, apps, and other projects. This will lead to you creating some great results to showcase in your portfolio. If you have ideas and the skills in which to bring them to life, the possibilities are endless!


Coding is a challenge and can come with many frustrations throughout your various projects. However, staying consistent in your studies will teach you that you can make it through all of the roadblocks you may face and achieve your goals. It’ll also teach you that creating something successful requires time, patience, and commitment, which is a valuable concept for everyone to understand across all walks of life.

At first glance, the benefits of learning how to code seem very black and white, when in reality they are much more expansive than that. Many of the skills you will learn during your studies will transfer into your professional and personal lives, and will help you excel at being adaptable and successful!

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