Our Coder Story

What's a Coder Story?

Our Coder Story is theCoderSchool's way to guide our Code Coaching students through the roadmap of possibilities they have as they advance in their coding abilities. From coding contests to language assessments, from trying to meet your U.S. Congressperson to interning at our schools, we've identified a number of activities our students can do with us beyond just building awesome apps.

A Roadmap of Options

While each activity has an associated minimum age and coding experience, our story elements aren't meant as a curriculum, but rather a set of options that open up for kids as they become more proficient. In the end, each student's story is up to them - do 'em all, explore a few, or deep dive into just one. Every student is different, and true to our Code Coaching philosophy, we want to make sure every kid is treated in a personalized way.

Can a Coder Story Help College Acceptance?

Maybe! As many parents know, these days it's near impossible to get into a top college, and even harder to get in as a Computer Science major. That's why we partnered with Collegewise, the premier college counseling company, to provide our parents an option for even more expertise. They'll tell you that college admissions officers at top colleges are often looking beyond the grades and scores, and ask what is that applicant's "story". A student's story shows the breadth of exploration they've done, and can help to show colleges that a student really does have a significant interest in computer science. Our Coder Story is a first step towards building a student's story - for an even more college-centric approach, take a look at our guide to getting into college as a CS major. Remember, there's no checklist or easy way to get into a top college. We can provide the support, but it's up to the student to do the work - and have the authentic passion to show!

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