Long Island Board of Advisors

The Coder School Syosset is excited to introduce an awesome Board of Advisors to provide oversight and input to our coding program. The Board of Advisors is responsible for providing feedback and enhancing the educational curriculum and will also provide first-hand information and knowledge regarding the overall technology landscape – valuable information for students who are looking to explore future career paths. Additionally, each of our Board of Advisors will be speaking to our students as part of our “Speaker Series” – a monthly event where we bring in outside professionals in various industries to discuss their backgrounds, career paths and anything/everything related to technology.

Jon Terenzetti

Jon is the Area Vice President of Data & Technology Strategy at CareCentrix. CareCentrix is a post-acute care coordination company that partners with payors and providers to shift healthcare from hospitals and nursing facilities back to the patient’s home, delivering lower-cost care with improved clinical outcomes. Jon oversees the team responsible for the identification, assessment, and development of next-generation technology assets that assist in the delivery of higher-quality healthcare. Jon’s career has been focused on consumer engagement, in and outside of healthcare. Jon spent years working at CVS Health, overseeing a range of initiatives, including the redesign of the pharmacy ExtraCare rewards program and the launch of CVS’s healthy living formats, which included a range of incremental healthcare services and healthy food options within retail stores. Before CVS, Jon worked at Target Corporation in financial forecasting and planning. Jon holds a BA in political science from Yale University.
Lina Sayed is the Vice President of Market Strategy at Gradian Health Systems. Gradian is a startup medical device company based in New York City that aims to bring technology, service and training to hospitals in low-resource settings. Lina manages Gradian’s operations in existing and new country markets, building local distribution networks, managing product sales, and overseeing training and service activities. Lina’s career spans the global health and financial sectors. She spent several years working in JP Morgan Chase’s nonprofit/healthcare group and more recently consulted for several companies in the field of diagnostics and maternal health, specifically focused on products for low-resource settings. Lina has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a BA in Journalism and MASS Communications from New York University.
My name is Kiran Vinta and I am an Advisor to theCoderSchool Syosset. As an individual who studied electrical and computer engineering in college, I firmly believe that coding, regardless of your career interests, is a useful skill which teaches discipline in deconstructing and solving complex problems. Furthermore, coding is about building things and creatively expressing yourself — I still remember programming autonomous robots that picked up ping pong balls during my senior year! Today I continue to use those same critical thinking skills in my role as a General Manager at Uber where I manage multiple regions for the company’s food delivery platform, UberEATS. In addition to managing the business at Uber, I also interface with engineering and product teams to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our drivers, restaurants, and customers. Prior to Uber, I received an MBA from MIT and spent two years at NASA as a consultant supporting logistics for the International Space Station program. I feel privileged to be a part of theCoderSchool Syosset and look forward to supporting the school’s efforts in creating an enriching (and fun!) environment for Long Island’s youngest innovators.
Born in China and raised in the US, Zi is the product of a quick-thinking businesswoman and an introspective scientific researcher. After obtaining his engineering education at Stanford, he designed cardiovascular and laparoscopic medical devices before enrolling in the MBA program at Harvard. He currently works for Masimo Corporation, an industry leader in advanced noninvasive patient monitoring technologies. Leading a team of 40 staff members in Asia, he is responsible for market development and business operations in Greater China and South Korea. As a youngster, Zi learned his English through a combination of Hooked on Phonics tapes and ’90s hip-hop via walkman and radio. He fully expects that these kids at The Coder School will have no idea what any of those things are.
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