Coaches and Locations

Q: Who are theCoderSchool coaches?

A: Our Code Coaches® are a mix, ranging from veterans from the software industry to CS majors still in school. Our Code Coaches® are not formal teachers, but rather are passionate coders that are excited about helping kids learn to code.  While we do have a Google or Netflix employee or two working at our schools, we shouldn’t always assume they’re the best coach for every student!  Chemistry of the relationship is so much more important, and all our coaches are vetted with wide-ranging real-life coding skills!  Come by and find out who the best match is for your child.

Q: Are your coaches background checked?

A: Yes, all staff go through our application process, including reference verification and criminal background checks.

Q: What languages do your coaches know?

A: All kinds!  Our wide variety of coaches typically have backgrounds in fundamental languages like Javascript, Python, or Java (and of course Scratch).   Often coaches also have other more advanced technologies up their sleeves like 3D gaming or Swift or really anything else!  Our coaches have taught things from Java Android programming to LISP and C# and beyond, and many have cool side coding projects they’re working on.  When appropriate, we try to rub off some of this awesomeness on the students as well!

Q: What should I expect when I visit theCoderSchool?

A: We hope that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our startup look and feel with a high energy vibe. Our schools have an open concept to facilitate collaboration and sharing, giving it a buzz of social energy.  Ironically while we call our locations “schools”, we don’t want them to feel like schools!  We’re not a quiet, library-like setting with cones of silence around our kids, and we don’t go around hushing people either.  We’re there to have fun, engage, and teach coding!  Watch out for offline coding sessions, white board designing, and kids playing with cool tech gadgets.  Sound fun?  Swing by a location to see for yourself.

Q: Can I drop off my child for his/her lesson?

A: Sure!  Our locations are a safe, fun “clubhouse” (or should we say “codehouse”!) for kids to hang out, have fun, and learn to code.  Lessons are supervised directly by a vetted Code Coach®, and a General Manager and Coding Coordinator are also typically around to help as well.  You’re also welcome to stick around at our locations that have a lobby or parent area, and you’re free to jump on our wifi and get some work done too!

Q: How do kids check in for their lessons?

A: Each student is given their own unique QR Code card for checking in.  When a student arrives, he/she picks up his/her card, scans it in the image reader, and off they go!  Kids with their own phones or anything that they bring to every lesson are welcome to bring their own QR Code, or put the image on their own phone too.

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