Q: When can I schedule my Code Coaching sessions?

A: Your convenience is our top priority, which is why we keep our scheduling options as flexible as possible. However, we also need to make sure that the right coach is available.  Once we have a time, we’ll go for the same time every week, with the same coach.  You are of course welcome to ask us about changing your schedule at any time.

Q: How do you match my child to a Code Coach®?

A: During your free trial lessons, we try to understand your child’s level, goals, and personality in order to pair them up with the coach who we think will have the best connection possible.  All kids learn differently, and our coaches teach differently too!  Not only that, but while our coaches all have great foundational coding knowledge, each may have their own specialties.

Q: Can I change Code Coaches®?

A: Sure! In our experience, the kids grow attached to and love their coaches, but if it’s not working you’re free to change your Code Coach®, just chat with the General Manager at the school.

Q: Will I get reminders about my child’s session?

A: Yes, you will always get a 24-hour reminder for each lesson.

Q: What’s the best way to contact the school when I need to make a scheduling change?

A: The best way is to contact your school’s General Manager or Coding Coordinator in person, or via email or phone.  Please don’t coordinate schedules with your Code Coach®, as all our schedule coordination goes through our central system.

Q: How do you handle holidays?

A: We publish our holiday schedule at the beginning of each year, which includes closures. Check with your local school as each location varies.

Q: How do you match my child up with another student?

A: For our semi-private Code Coaching program, our main goal is to pair students of similar age and skill level. Other factors for pairing include whether they’re siblings or friends.  There may be times when we’re not yet able to pair your child yet – in those cases, think of it as a private lesson until their new best buddy shows up!

Q: Is there a system that I can use to check my schedule?

A: Yes, when you sign up, you’ll be given access to our scheduling (and payment) platform.  Check with your local school for access.

Q: Is my session at the same time on the same day every week, and with the same coach?

A: Sure is. We believe it’s best for the student to have a regular schedule with their Code Coach® so that they can connect and make the best progress together.

Q: What if I need to cancel my weekly lesson?

A: We understand that things come up, so we allow you to cancel up to 24 hours in advance with no cancellation fee. We will also work with you to reschedule your lesson. Cancelled lessons with less than 24-hour notice are counted against your credits since your Code Coach® has already reserved the time for your child.

Q: Can I cancel my weekly scheduled session by myself (instead of calling the school)?

A: Sorry, we don’t allow self-cancellations. Please make sure you cancel via email or by directly contacting a member of our management team so that we can confirm and notify your Code Coach® on your behalf.  Please do not coordinate schedule changes directly with your coach, as all scheduling is handled in our central system.

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