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East Cobb, GA

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School Info
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Welcome to theCoderSchool
3162 Johnson Ferry Rd Suite 430,
Next to Kroger


Looking for the best place to learn to code? Look no further. From novice to advanced, we can teach students at any level. At theCoderSchool, we teach with a small ratio to allow our expert Code Coaches to get to know our students and teach them as individuals, using a custom project-building approach. Fill out our form to learn more! Learn to code. Change the World.®

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Our Philosophy

Looking for coding lessons for kids in East Cobb, GA? We're here to help. We believe every kid is different, so we teach them accordingly. Our expert coders teach our students in a super-small two to one ratio, allowing our Code Coaches to personalize projects built to suit each student. Kids are able to move at their own pace and engage in things that interest them most.

Our Programs

Our coding school's flagship after-school program, Code Coaching, combines a super-small 2:1 teaching ratio with individualized curriculum. Although Code Coaching works from novice to advanced coders, we also offer entry-level classes for those looking for a more traditional class in a larger ratio, as well as @school classes and our ever popular coding camps.

Our System

We're part of a nationwide system of over 65 locations around the country, teaching over 7,000 students every week with the brainpower of 1000+ expert Code Coaches®. Headquartered and founded in Silicon Valley since 2014, we're proud of the impact theCoderSchool has had on communities everywhere. Find out more about Who We Are in our brand video .

How Students Progress


See our visualization of what kids are learning and a sampling of possibilities.

Learn About
Our Coder Tree


Find our coding roadmap that goes beyond coding custom apps to building a story for college

Camp Schedule By Week

Let's get ready for Summer 2024 camps! Our camps are run in our school from 9am-3pm each day. Kids bring their own lunches and water bottles and we'll take care of the rest! During our camps, kids code throughout the day then demo their week's creations Friday afternoon for their parents. What better way to get your kids out of your hair during the breaks?! And guess what, we're offering our Early Bird Special of $100 OFF SUMMER CAMPS if you sign up SOON! And for a limited time, purchase 2 or more camps and get an additional camp for FREE! Just email us at and let us know which camp you want. 👀 Use the code CAMPSROCK100 at checkout! Sign up now! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL CAMPS
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Week Format Camp Ages Price
7/22-7/26 In-Person Roblox & Minecraft into the Metaverse The world is abuzz about the Metaverse and rightly so, it’s the future of the Internet! A large part of the content in the Metaverse will be in Virtual Reality and we want our kids to get a headstart in this new technology. We’ve created a one of a kind coding curriculum for kids that they can play in VR using one of our Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets. Normally coding in VR is complicated and only available for advanced kids but we’ve got something for kids who just need some basic programming knowledge beforehand. During breaks we’ll let the kids play Roblox & Minecraft using our Oculus headset and Alienware gaming computer! Windows or Mac PC required, no tablets. Ages 9+ Ages 9+ $619 $519
(Only 2 remaining slots!!)
7/22-7/26 In-Person Python & A.I. Bootcamp Our ‘Python & A.I. Bootcamp’ is designed for kids who are new to Python and Artificial Intelligence or A.I. We spend the camp teaching kids the fundamentals of the Python programming language and we introduce them to Google Teachable Machine which teaches them how to train and build their own A.I. models, it’s really incredible! Python is one of the hottest computer programming languages in the world and it's used in everyday applications. We love Python because it’s also one of the easiest languages for kids to learn because of its simplicity. Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is everywhere these days and it’s producing some of the most insane technology we’ve seen in a generation, and we wait to introduce it to this generation of young coders! This will be an action packed camp kids will love! Sign them up today! Ages 9+ Ages 9+ $619 $519
(Only 1 remaining slot!!)
7/22-7/26 In-Person LEGO Masters In our LEGO Masters Camp we use popular LEGO coding kits such as the Mindstorms, Spike, Boost and Essentials to teach kids to build some awesome creations and to program them with Scratch & Python to perform cool tricks and even some Artificial Intelligence or A.I.! LEGOs are a great way to teach kids logic and the fundamentals of mechanical engineering in addition to coding, and they’re also GREAT for kids who love to express themselves creatively. We provide all of the LEGO kits for the week so the kids just need to bring in a laptop and they’re good to go! Ages 7-10 Ages 7-10 $619 $519
(Only 1 remaining slot!!)
7/22-7/26 In-Person Minecraft Redstone Engineering Camp Kids enter the electrifying world of Minecraft at our Minecraft Redstone Engineering Camp! This hands-on summer adventure invites campers to explore the fundamentals of electrical engineering through the creative sandbox of Minecraft, using Redstone to bring their wildest inventions to life. From crafting automated farms to constructing thrilling roller coasters, attendees will learn the basics of circuit design in an environment that’s as entertaining as it is educational. Perfect for young minds eager to combine their love for gaming with a passion for learning, this camp promises a summer filled with innovation, collaboration, and endless fun. Kids need to bring in their laptop running the Minecraft Bedrock version to participate in this camp. Ages 8+ Ages 8+ $619 $519
(Only 1 remaining slot!!)
7/29-7/31 In-Person Roblox vs. Super Smash Bros. Camp - 3 Day Roblox and Super Smash Bros. go together like peanut butter and jelly! Ok maybe not LOL, but we’re going to MAKE THEM go together in our Roblox vs. Super Smash Bros. camp. We will use the powerful video game engine for Roblox called Roblox Studio to create a Super Smash Bros-style video game! Super Smash Bros and Roblox are probably the top 2 games kids play on breaks at our school so this is a way to merge the two into a fun coding experience we guarantee they’ll love! During breaks kids can play the real Super Smash Bros. for fun and prizes. GAME! Windows or Mac PC required, no tablets. Ages 9+ Ages 9+ $399 $299
(Only 3 remaining slots!!)
7/29-7/31 In-Person ChatGPT-Powered Python Camp - 3 Day Embark on an exciting coding adventure with our ChatGPT-Powered Python Camp! Designed for beginners to intermediate learners, this engaging course will transform your child into a coding whiz. They'll learn Python fundamentals while creating interactive projects using ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI language model. Watch as they build their own text-based games, homework helpers, and creative writing assistants, all fueled by the magic of artificial intelligence. As a parent, you'll love how this course nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity in a fun, hands-on way! Ages 9+ Ages 9+ $399 $299
(Only 2 remaining slots!!)
7/29-7/31 In-Person Beginners Scratch &Roblox Gamers Club - 3 Day Camp We'll be using a cool drag n' drop language called Scratch to create some awesome new and classic games! Aimed at our newbie and novice coders with little or no experience creating games in Scratch so we can go at their pace! During lunch breaks, kids will hang out and play some group roblox games together! Coding and roblox together, sounds like a great week of camp! Learn More Ages 6-9 Ages 6-9 $399 $299
(Only 4 remaining slots!!)
7/29-7/31 In-Person Crocs Jibbitz 3D Printing Camp Get ready to dive feet first into our Crocs Jibbitz 3D Printing Camp! Imagine your kids, decked out in Crocs, designing and 3D printing their own custom Jibbitz charms. It’s like giving their footwear a superpower, except the power is uber-cool personalization. With Tinkercad Code Blocks Ages 6-10 Ages 6-10 $399 $299
(Only 2 remaining slots!!)

Our Upcoming Events

HTMS Code Class

Hello Coder Parents!

Welcome to a new school year and we’ve got a lot planned this year in our Middle School Coding Club. Kids will learn how to code in Python, HTML, JavaScript and even 3D printing! Also in addition to the in-school weekly lessons kids will have the option to join an online study group each week to ask our Code Coaches questions about their projects. We’re excited to share our new curriculum with all of our students, sign up now before spots run out!

Only 4 Remaining Slots!

Bring Coding to Your School!

Hey there Coder Parent! The Coder School has a great after-school program for your school that teaches kids coding, robotics, and 3D printing. We help elementary students dive into Scratch, Minecraft, and Roblox, and middle schoolers explore Python, JavaScript, and much more. We're not just an after-school hangout, we're also ready to be your full-time coding instructors!

From crafting virtual games to designing real-world 3D models, our fun-filled lessons bring tech to life. Calling all school administrators and parents! Let's make tech-time the new recess. Reach out to us to bring The Coder School magic to your school - full time, part time, anytime!

FIRST LEGO League Team

Beginning in August we’ll host a new FIRST LEGO League team! Kids will join us at our school weekly for coding and robotics lessons to prepare for the competition and during the season the team will compete against other FLL teams in the metro Atlanta area! Reserve your child’s spot on our Waiting List below!

Young Inventors Club - Beginning in July!

Introducing Young Inventors Club, our innovative coding curriculum that inspires kids to invent by creating hands-on projects like robotic arms, 3D-printed drones, and smart home devices. Students will learn to code, 3D print, work with electronics, and assemble new inventions, sparking their creativity and problem-solving skills. Every 3 months the kids will present their inventions to their parents and other students at our Coder Fair. Join us and watch your child transform into a young inventor, ready to bring their ideas to life! Reserve your child’s spot on our Waiting List below!

The Coder School Arcade - Beginning in July!

We're excited to announce the launch of ‘The Coder School Arcade’! Starting in July, we'll open our doors on weekends when classes aren't in session for kids to enjoy a variety of new and retro-style games, as well as game tournaments featuring popular titles like Super Smash Bros., Minecraft PvP, Roblox, Mario Kart, Splatoon, NBA 2K, Fifa, Madden football and more! For a low daily price, kids can stay and play as long as we’re open! So parents, sign up for our waiting list below to be the first to know when The Coder School Arcade opens!

Drones at The Park

Join us for "Drones at The Park," a fun coding workshop where kids can learn to program flying drones and then test their skills in a spacious park setting. Held at a local park’s pavilion, the event will feature coding lessons, drone flights, pizza, and beverages, ensuring a safe and exciting experience. Sign up now to join the waiting list for our potential event on July 27th, and secure a spot for your child to explore the power of coding and technology!

Beautiful UI/UX: 5-Week Online Workshop

Sign your kids up for our fun and interactive online 5-week UI/UX workshop! UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design are all about creating beautiful and easy-to-use websites and mobile apps. They'll learn how to design intuitive layouts and smooth user interactions, making sure every element works seamlessly together. With hands-on projects and a collaborative design tool, they'll bring their creative ideas to life while having a blast. Don't miss this chance for your kids to blend creativity with technology and develop valuable skills—sign up today!

Our Testimonials

  • "Thank you Jerry and the entire team for hosting our Girl Scouts troop. Our girls learned a lot in fun, exciting and welcoming environment. Jerry was amazing in scheduling the event. All the instructors were very knowledgeable, engaging and fun. Our girls didn’t want to leave and parents were very impressed with the school and the program. Highly recommend to anyone!!! Thanks again Jerry!"
    Izabela, Marietta
  • "My family and I love TheCoderSchool! I was looking for an activity for my 10 year old that incorporated his love for technology but I also wanted a program that would encourage him to be creative, sharpen both his problem solving and social skills. TheCoderSchool fit the bill! My son enjoys going to his sessions and at the end he always leaves smiling. The staff is truly amazing. "
    Nilaja, Marietta
  • "My nine year old was ready for more advanced work than after school programs and camps can typically provide. At Coder’s School, he works in a two-on-one tutoring model with one of his best buddies and truly stellar staff to create meaningful (and candidly, pretty impressive!) games. Not only have I seen his coding skills take off, his creativity is blossoming! The tutor model is perfect for our needs, and I can’t believe our luck in having someone with Dolu’s incredible credentials teaching our kid! Just an incredible place, we feel very fortunate to have this available in our community!"
    Julie, Marietta
  • "I had fun here and will want to come back later. 10/10. Super fun"
    Aidan, Marietta
  • "Andy runs a professional establishment with a dedicated staff. Teachers strike a good balance between letting kids explore a bit freely when they want and keeping them focused on the curriculum for most of the time."
    Aviral, Marietta
  • "It’s the perfect environment for my daughter to learn new coding skills while tapping into her own creativity. Her teacher, Katie, is a wonderful, inspiring role model who teaches at her students’ individual level and speed. Madelyn never wants to miss coding class!"
    Heather, East Cobb
  • "The instructors are so friendly and energetic to see the kids and instill values and respect in their school environment. Social skills end up being taught as well as coding; so great!"
    James, Marietta
  • "My son loves this place! The coaches are great with the kids and they really know how to make programming fun!"
    Sandra, Marietta
  • "My daughter LOVES her coaching sessions at The Coder School and looks forward to them every week. Thanks for providing such an awesome opportunity!"
    Carly, Marietta
  • "Everyone was so kind and patient with my son with High Functioning Autism. I worried all week that a misunderstanding would happen, but it was a wonderful week. My son and his cousin really enjoyed it!"
    Tracy, Marietta
  • "My son has never particularly enjoyed Summer camp, but this place is a game changer. He LOVES it. The staff are wonderful and the kids are learning so much. I highly recommend the Coder School!"
    Kirsten, Marietta
  • "Our son loves the Coder School and his teacher, Dolu so much that we added a second weekly class. At 8 years old he is learning to type properly, utilize Scratch and he recently started learning Python! We really think in this ever-changing world of technology that this will give our son a big advantage in the future. The Coder School is a great addition to East Cobb and we highly recommend it!! "
    Carmen, Marietta

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Apps We Build

Each year, theCoderSchool partners with the Congressional App Challenge, a nationwide coding contest run by districts of the U.S. Congress. Some of our students have won this prestigious prize, met their U.S. Congressperson, and even flown to DC for the winners event. Take a look at some recent CAC winners from theCoderSchool, or browse through our Live App Gallery to see custom apps our students are building!

School Info

theCoderSchool Logo
3162 Johnson Ferry Rd Suite 430
Next to Kroger
Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 – 8:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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Meet Our General Manager

Divya Sarin

Hi I'm Divya and I am the General Manager of theCoderSchool - East Cobb! I am a highly motivated strategic thinker with 8 years of experience in communications, public relations, training and development. I have a bachelors in Chemistry and Masters in Communication Management. I am a peoples’ person, a patient listener, proactive worker with positive and contagious energy to work with full enthusiasm. I have extensive experience in working with school aged kids and have successfully managed after-school programs in Sandy Springs area.

In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. I believe after school programs succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society and help students develop their capabilities in technology to advance to a greater level. theCoderSchool is the best place to provide your child with this kind of opportunity where they can get an early start toward an amazing career! If you have any questions please email me at, I'd love to speak with you soon!

Meet Our Owners

Hello! My name is Jerry and I am Co-Owner of theCoderSchool in East Cobb. Growing up I loved to play video games, but my mother would always tell me that I should learn how to create video games - not just play them. I took her advice and studied Computer Engineering in college which taught me circuit design and coding and led me to a career spent leading teams that have built applications on mobile PC’s, websites, desktop computers and smartphones. I credit my career success to my mother's early advice, to always learn what’s happening behind the scenes. My wife Kim and I are excited to bring this approach to learning technology to kids in the East Cobb area with theCoderSchool and believe it will unlock a world of opportunity for them to thrive in our technology-driven society. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact me directly at

Welcome to our site! My name is Kim and I am Co-Owner of theCoderSchool in East Cobb. I truly believe that for a child to develop into a successful adult they must be challenged to think critically and problem solve; skills that will help them master ANY topic. I was drawn to theCoderSchool philosophy because it emphasizes the development of these skills while teaching kids to code in an environment where they are encouraged to learn and create.

With a PhD in Community Psychology, my research has primarily focused on youth development. I have spent over 15 years providing organizational and database development consulting services to non-profit organizations across the nation. I look forward to using my experience to help create the next generation of leaders.

Have any questions about theCoderSchool? Feel free to contact me directly at

Meet Our Code Coaches® Too!

We've got plenty of Coaches, and tons of Comp Sci experience tucked inside! Who's the best Coach for you? I guess you'll have to come on in for a free trial to find out! Roll over a pic to see if we jotted down their background!

We're always looking for great Code Coaches. Shoot us an email with resumé to see if we're a fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can coding help kids?

Many folks might think learning to code is so kids can actually code an app. Honestly, that's not usually the case! Coding real-life apps is tough. Despite what the media says, your kid is not writing some million dollar app by themselves in a month. Instead, coding helps kid *solve problems*. Coding is all about debugging and logically thinking through the fix. Breaking a large problem into smaller parts, logical sequencing, these are all important problem solving skills for any kid (or adult!). A second benefit is confidence and passion in technology. There's plenty of time for kids to learn the latest real tech (which changes all the time), but the time to build passion for technology (and a foundational knowledge base) is when they're young!

What is the best coding language to learn as a beginner?

The truth is, Scratch is amazing for a beginner at ANY AGE. If someone is truly a beginner, a platform like Scratch can allow them to create and engage much more quickly. Older kids (say 11 and up) can soon move to a language like Python or Javascript. Just remember that it takes a LOT MORE work to get Python/Javascript to do the same thing as Scratch - so the kids will need some patience. No matter what anyone tells you please DO NOT start learning with Java or C++! Those languages are too advanced to start with, and we've seen it too often - kids will give up because it's so hard! Definition of backfiring!

What is the best age to start coding?

It depends - we think the best age is the age they want to do it! Listen, there's plenty of time to *really* learn to code - there's a reason Comp Sci is a really tough college degree. The important thing in the younger years is to bring out the desire and passion to learn more - that's why at theCoderSchool we customize our projects based on the student's interests and really focus on engagement before learning.

How do I get accepted into a college computer science program?

These days, top colleges are incredibly selective. Learning to code by itself probably won't help you stand out enough. Instead, consider building a unique Coder Story. Can we help? Sure can!

What are the benefits of kids learning to code?

Children of all ages can benefit from learning coding skills, and students who get hands-on experience with computer programming go on to excel in other subjects Coding helps students gain computer proficiency and build real-world problem-solving skills. Exploring technology is essential for computer literacy. Building fundamental coding skills encourages creativity, promotes teamwork, and enhances spatial intelligence and logical thinking skills. Kids of all ages can learn computer science. For teenagers, learning how to code leads to the development of transferable skills that can be applied in future careers or workplaces. If your student is interested in data science or machine learning, a self-paced course in computer programming can help pave their path.

As you and your family consider coding programs, it helps to keep in mind:

  • The age of the student (we can teach kids as young as six)
  • Their individual interests (such as Lego, Roblox, robotics, video game design, or artificial intelligence)
  • Any previous hands-on experience with coding (even exposure to mobile apps or playing with Minecraft counts)
  • Preferred learning style (we offer both flexible and structured curricula and support self-paced learning)
  • Social skills (some students learn best in one-on-one lessons, while others favor teamwork)

    Whether the student wants to explore Minecraft modding in Minecraft camp, is interested in HTML, or wants to learn block-based coding like CSS, our interactive classes provide a great coding experience.

    Can a 6 year old do coding?

    Sure! Kids this young are just developing their sense of logic. While some advanced 6 year olds are ready to dive into learning Scratch, many are better off with fun learning apps like Kodable or Scratch Jr..

    How do kids learn to code?

    Same way adults do! The best way to learn something is to just DO it. It's not about all the theory and fancy words, it's about just doing it over and over again. If you're a parent with a college degree, think back. How much of that theoretical curriculum did you really use in your job? Or did you really learn your job by DOING your job? It's the same with kids, we'll mentor and guide them, but most importantly, we'll get them to code something custom that they want to code!

    Where is the best place to learn coding for kids?

    We're a little bit biased, but we think it's theCoderSchool! There's no better way to learn anything, including coding, than just doing it with a mentor to guide you. Online or in person, our Code Coaches will give you that low-ratio full attention that every kid deserves!
  • Read about Private+Semi-Private Coaching, Virtual Learning, Coding Classes, Robotics, Python, Scratch, or Video Game Coding
    or check out our general blog or our student blogs

    What is theCoderSchool? We are an after-school drop-off (and virtual) program for kids learning to code - a coding school! There's after-school kung fu. There's after-school music lessons, sports, art, tutoring, Chinese, you name it, it's out there. But coding classes for kids? Founded in 2013, we're the first of many, and the largest in Silicon Valley with more locations on the way around the country. The future will be ever more dependent on technology so let's get our young generation ready. Learn to Code, Change the World®.

    Got a question? Email us at!

    copyright 2014-2022, the Coder School San Francisco, LLC. All Rights, Alright? Don't forget our privacy policy. Find out who we are or like us on facebook.