Barriers to Overcome When Learning to Code

Learning to code isn’t always easy but it’s worth it and very rewarding. Most people seem to think you have to be a genius to learn how to code but that isn’t true. It’s a never ending learning process and most beginning programmers go through the same bumps in the road along the way.

Some of the biggest hurdles we see our students run into are the following:

Which language to learn

It’s not about the language but the logic behind it. Start with one and stick to it until you’ve learned to think like a programmer.  Often the drag ‘n drop languages like Scratch or Snap! may seem to basic and easy, but it’s an amazingly effective way to learn fundamental logic.  Generate prime numbers, make a hangman game, even the old standard of Flappy Bird – these all help solidify the basics of logical thinking while making something interesting.

Beating yourself up

We all go through the same cycles of boredom, excitement, anxiety, frustration and relief. Beating yourself up will only add to your anxiety and prevent you from solving the problem. You need a cool head and an inner voice that cheers you on, not tears you down.  Sit with someone passionate who can show you technology, and do stuff that interests you and you’ll be learning in no time.

Rushing through the process

 theCoderSchool's Coder Tree

Programming is a process. Skipping steps will lead to bugs and missing key concepts. Take your time and learn to think through each step.  Take a look at our Coder Tree – it’s super important to learn the fundamental roots of programming before getting into advanced material.  You wouldn’t train to be a brain surgeon before knowing how the body works right?  Same thing with coding, you can’t start learning Artificial Intelligence and 3D Gaming until you have a good grasp of logic.


Writing code and designing software is only part of the process. You’ll need to learn how to debug it if it doesn’t work. Lots of people get frustrated here but it’s a skill set you have to learn improve upon over time.  This is a lesson to learn in persistence, but nothing gives you that instant satisfaction like when you solved a bug and the program suddenly works.  It’s that awesome WOW and High Five moment!

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By Hansel

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