How to Become BFFs With Your Computer

Computers are such an important part of our lives; in fact, our very lives tend to depend on these miraculous machines. We use them for work as well as pleasure, shopping, bills, research, and basically everything in between. So it’s no wonder that it’s important to treat your computer like a best friend – because, let’s face it, it essentially is. Here are a few tips on how to treat your computer right!

Clean it regularly.

This means both internally and externally; dust of your keyboard (they have pressurized air that can be used to blow out the hard to reach places, so you don’t need to do much), and clean your screen with the appropriate cleaning products (a dry microfiber cloth works best, but there are some screen cleaning solutions that work great for a really dirty screen). Cleaning internally is a little less work on your part; just make sure you run your computer cleaning software often to rid the hard drive of any unneeded files and potential viruses and malware.

Buy it things!

Your computer might not be able to say “thank you,” but buying it little things can either increase its functionality or just the appearance. You could buy a new anti-virus program or maybe a big backup for your extra big files. Maybe you want a cool keyboard cover, or a cover and carrying case (if you have a laptop). When we say “treat it like your BFF,” we mean it!

Be gentle with it.

If you really want to run a specific program or game, but there is just barely enough room on your hard drive, then rather than forcing your CPU to run harder and faster than it needs to, just give it some more space. Even though it’s a machine, it still needs room to breathe. If you have a laptop, don’t toss it around without a protective carrier, and try to treat it like a bag full of eggs to avoid accidentally dropping it and watching your entire life shatter in front of you.

It’s not hard to treat your machine like a person – minus talking to it like you would a friend, even though there are some people that actually do that. Just remember to be gentle, buy it everything it could possible need, and keep it clean. We would do that for a friend, right? Why not our own machines?